You make me smile =)

Sometimes, when you don't get what you want or you're just having a bad day, everything sucks. You start thinking that life is unfair, and you deserve better.

Then suddenly, someone texts you or tweets you or in any way communicates with you and lets you know that life is actually awesome because you're in it. Or you just look back at old pictures and remember back the fun times in life. The times that were beautiful it made you wanna cry because you were so happy.

Then for the rest of the day, you just can't stop smiling and telling yourself that everything happens for a reason. You realize that the little things that actually make like great are the things you will always appreciate. It's not like life is unfair after all, right? Otherwise you wouldn't have had those wonderful memories.

Always remember those little things when you're sad. They're even more expensive than the most beautiful gold.
Because those things and memories can make you smile. And a sincere smile is priceless =)

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