New Year, New Decade, New Me?

2012 is here!!
Happy New Year!! (mostly to myself since no one ever reads this, hahaha)

So since it's finally a new year, could there be a new me too??
Well...I guess I've got a lot of goals that I want to achieve this year...
The obvious are of course, to do better in my studies, to be a better daughter, and get 1ST in my class!!
Lol I'm not sure if the last one is possible, since two or three of my classmates beat me out in all the term last year!! Haha congrats, but u better watch out this year!! (lol nahh, I'm still the lazy old me)
And then there are the smaller goals; to score 100% in MATHS, SCIENCE n ENGLISH, get at least a B in GEOGRAPHY n HISTORY and do better in the others...
Ohhhh crap...I am a boring person, aren't I?? Who talks about boring school stuff in their blogs??
Well me, if u r reading this and u r bored already, I suggest u to close this page rite now before u die out of boredom!! hehe jks...

Anywayz, a lot could happen this year, and can't wait to experience new stuff...I'm hoping to be a better friend to my friends and classmates, a better student to my teachers and hopefully, a better blogger...haha

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