I'll always remember you

I just had fun just now. My family and I had picnic at Tasik Shah Alam. We start at 9:30 and we got back home at 2:00 .. It's like 4 and a half hours. It was so fun! Seriously..

First, we ate Nasi Lemak made by my mom. It was so delicious, okay!! I should taste. You will eat non-stop. I forgot to take the pictures, sorry :( Well, I'm sure you will taste the nasi lemak one day!!

Then, we suggested to play a game. The first game we played was 'Baling Selipar'. It was so fun! I'm tired of running. I ran so far! Muahahahahahahahhahaha :D

Then, we play "Bola Beracun". The game was like this. We need to have a ball. Then, we pass the ball to any person we want. We need to play a song while we play. When the music stops and the ball is on the person's hand, the person need to get a punishment. Understand? If you don't understand, you can search how you play the game. But it as really fun, awesome and amazing! You can die of laughter cause my family were so funny.

Some of them need to walk like a duck. Some of them need to jump like a frog. Some of them need to say 'I love you' to a tree. Some of them need to sing 'Negaraku'. Some of them need to sing a song. Some of them need to eat 2 cookies for 10 seconds only. And they were all awesome! We laughed at their reactions. While they were doing it, the others took some pictures.

The people on the park watched us and some of them laughed. Ahahahaha :D So funny. It was so embarrassed.

Well, I will never forget this day. Never ever, I promised. I really promised. So fun!!

Sorry if this post is boring. And if you don't understand, bian (it means 'sorry', in Korea).

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