Back on the right path, alhamdulillah.

Someone: Hey! U wanna hear a story?! Kite baru dengar semalam. :')
Me: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!
Someone: Tell me why you think the Prophet sleeps facing the right side, with his right hand under his right cheek?
Me:'s not good for your heart for you to lay down on your left side? XD
Someone: No, angel, neoup. :) One day, angels watched the Prophet sleep, he was holding tears in his right hand. He cries every night missing his ummah. Some of the wives of Muhammad SAW think that he doesn't sleep at all :'( Because he cries about what's happening now. He knows about it :'( And, he misses people who never saw him, talked to him, heard his voice, but misses him. He misses us back. He cries as proof :'( Angels as witness.
Me: That...that's a very beautiful story. I feel sad but calm.. I..I miss him. And I'm afraid he'll never be proud to admit me as one of his ummah. That's something I'll always worry about. Never let me forget this :) If ever I'm heading in the wrong direction, remind me of this. Please :S

This story will never, never fail to pull me back on the right path. The path to heaven. Because I forget things. It shows how weak I am. Sometimes I don't realize when I'm doing something that's not bringing me closer to Allah. But alhamdulillah, Allah is very, very kind. He surrounds me with many people who constantly reminded me of Him. I can just look at those faces and I'l instantly WANT to be a good person. They're the people who tells me when I'm doing things that could weaken my faith, gives me good advice, encourages me to do good deeds and have a wide perception of the world. They also don't judge me badly before knowing my opinions and intentions well first. They listen. They care. They support. They bring me closer to heaven, closer to Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. Alhamdulillah. These are the people I truly love and sincerely hope Allah rewards them for their kind hearts. I've four special friends especially, and their hearts are so beautiful it makes me wanna cry of happiness :') Other than that, my teachers and parents are also very, very beautiful. May Allah bless them ALL and always guide them in the right direction.

This story makes me sad. Because I love Rasulullah SAW. And it makes me cry when I remember how he cries for us, every night. How he STILL remembers us moments away from death. How he begs we won't feel the pain of dying like he did. This man. The most influential man in the world. The best example. The most loved by Allah SWT.




Asma’ bint Yazid reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Shall I tell you who is the best of you?” “Yes„” they replied. He said, “Those who remind you of Allah when you see them.” He went on to say, “Shall I tell you who is the worst of you?” “Yes,” they replied. He said, “Those who go about slandering, causing mischief between friends in order to separate them, and desiring to lead the innocent into wrong action.”
Of the Asmaul Husna: Al-Waliyyu
Meaning, “THE PROTECTING FRIEND” :’)))))))

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