"What's your horoscope sign?"

Things are bumpy now. And frankly baby, it's gonna get worse. Life is like the roller coaster everyone looks at from a far thinking "That looks crazy enough for me to enjoy". Life is a constant up and down. Whether we enjoy it or whether it makes us sick, we get down from it with a whole lot of different thoughts running through our minds. All different thoughts from one another.

I think about all I have gone through and all my ups and downs and I would love to say I did all I could but I didn't. I didn't make the people I wanted to stay stay and I never shunned the people I wanted to leave soon enough. I kept waiting for something. Something until today I wonder if it would have helped or not. Either way, it's gone and things happened already. There is nothing I can do about what has happened but I want to believe I'll make a difference in the choices I will make to help what will happen.

I want to believe I have made something of myself since I was younger. Honestly, I do feel the change. It isn't a vast difference but it is something. Day by day, I'll grow and be more of the someone I wish to be someday. I got my eyes on my goals and I'll change towards it without turning back.

Until the next time, goodnight moon and goodnight you and you're all I think about. All that I dream about.

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