I love this picture, cause I took it XD

LOL, when you read the title of this post I bet you probably thought I was going to fully on talk about my love for a guy or something XD. Haha, sorry guys but I don't really do that in public ;)

What I really wanted to talk about was how we express our love towards a person.

For example, I always scold my friends and cousin when they did something wrong.
Know why? Because I love them. I love them, and I only want them to do right things. Therefore, I don't scold them out of hatred, but love.

Another example, if I comment on something inappropriate that my friends are doing, that doesn't mean I think they're stupid or weird or whatever, but it means that I love them. I love them, and I don't want them to get sins for what they are doing.

So, kinda understand what I'm trying to say? Let's spread the love, people! =D

Love doesn't mean necessarily mean that you have to say those 3 words to someone to show that you love them.
Love is when you care about someone, and you never want something bad to happen to them. You want the best for them, and to always see them smile. 
Love is when you see someone you care about without a smile on, and suddenly you feel sad and concerned for them. So then you would do whatever you can to put that cheerful smile back on their face =)

I understand that sometimes, in certain situations, we might not be strong enough to help our loved ones, because we're afraid that they would reject our love towards them.
So then, the least we can do is pray for them, and hope that Allah S.W.T. will light their way to the right path.
Just by doing THAT, then you're already showing your love towards them.

The reason why I try to inspire with my writing (even if you're not inspired, at least I tried XD) is because I love you all, and I want you all to be the best that you can be.

Lately, I realize that love is what brings us all peace.
So Peace Be Upon You All, I love you <3
(haha, that sounds funny XD)

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