Life as a teenager...

Teenage life. A very, very interesting chapter in everyone's story. It's basically the chapter most people won't ever forget, because of the memories that were created.
While most children spend their childhood doing basically the same things like watch cartoons and stuff, teenage-hood is the time where teenagers do a lot of crazy / different things from other people.
Or that's what I think, anyway XD.

The time when we choose to be more secretive and want more privacy. The time when you start having all of these strange emotions and when you start eating more than usual. Lol.
You start to be more judgemental about things around you, and you seem to want everything to go your way.
You want to do all of these crazy things, and just enjoy your life.
You start getting stressed out and depressed when things don't go your way, or when people don't understand you. You start looking for people you can truly trust.
The days when you just can't wait to be all grown up and live your dream.

It's pretty interesting seeing how teenagers choose to spend their days as a teen.
But lately, in this century, the challenge is mostly on the teenagers.
We may not realize how important we are for the future of this world.

So yeah, let's have fun. Let's live our lives in a way that makes us encouraged to keep going.
But let's never make a decision that we'll regret in the future.
Of course, we'll all make mistakes. But there are times when we're self conscious enough to decide between things that could leave a temporary mark on our lives, or a permanent one.
Let's never do something that will permanently effect our future.
Time doesn't go back. The two minutes you spent reading this is already gone.
And also the second it took for you to read this sentence. Lol I'm sorry for wasting your time.
But my point is, let's make our teenage life worth every minute of every day.
Where in the future, we won't think back upon the things we regret doing, or the things we wished we did.
Have faith in yourself and in God in everything that you do.
May He guide and bless you, always
You are currently in this chapter.
Keep writing.

For all of you in my life right now, I love you <3

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