Hi everyone! As you see, I haven't update my blog for a long time. Why? I am lazy. But if you're following me on Twitter... Hewhewhew. I am active like a flacking ant. Hahaha. So I am my house, alone. Yeay! :D So I have nothing to talk about actually. Oh wait!

I came to my bestfriend's house, Alya Fahada on 25th January till 27th January (today). On the first day, we went skating. And it was awesome! It was so fun! It was my third time of skating. We skate at Sunway Pyramid since we don't know other place which have an ice rink. Lolz. ;D So when I go in the ice rink, it was hard since I haven't skate for a long time like 6 or 7 months like that. So when it's already like 5 minutes, I get to use it and it was actually easy. You should just slide you know. I didn't fall at all :D how awesome, right? Hikhik ._. 

That's all. Sorry for another boring post / story. I'm really sorry. Bian. As you all know, I'm addicted in Korea now. So if you text me, I will sometimes use Korean words since I have a Korean alphabet in my keyboards. If you want to know, you  need to install the 'translate' if you want to know what's the meaning. Hikhik ._. bian!!

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