Aren't we supposed to "Go Green"?

One word. 5 letters.


As you all know, I'm addicted to twitter. Hate to admit it, but yes, it's a HUGE distraction.


My definition of 'exam' : A set of questions to test someone's knowledge about a specific subject...that uses lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of PAPER!!

I thought we were supposed to go green!!

Best way to save our trees? I say ban exams!! (OMG I'm being so immature rite now, I'd be dead if this was a debate, haha)

If we keep on using lots of paper, that means that they have to cut down MORE TREES! Then our Earth would be hotter! I'm already sweating rite now (and the room is air-conditioned)!

Ooooh I have a solution! Ban exams? Haha no, but I wish!

But really though, I'm probably wrong, but Malaysia's using LOTS of paper, especially for EXAMS! You know what would be awesome? If we could do our exams without using paper! Why not use the computer?? Too many complications? Hmmm I agree...Well I dunno, but I don't care how else we do our exams, as long as we don't use paper! Sure, of course they recycle the paper afterwards, but if we don't ask for the paper in the first place, they wouldn't give it to us, would they? Trees are precious! They don't just grow back in a blink of an eye.

Hmmmm we should have more Recycling Bins in Malaysia. Seriously. Its so damn hard to find one here! They should follow Australia's example. Most houses have their own recycling bin, and every Tuesday they would take it out and the recycling truck would take it! Is that so damn hard? Oh right. Yes it is. Because we Malaysian don't even know how to put normal rubbish into normal bins. If we can't do that, how can we start recycling?


I really don't know what I'm saying right now. For more random reason I'm suddenly concerned for the environment. Hehe.

But anyway, EXAMS.

Exams are coming up. I REALLY gotta study.

And since I'm so addicted to twitter, its so damn hard to focus! So guess what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna write down some random numbers on a piece of paper, then I'm going to change my twitter password into those random numbers (so I won't remember it).

Then I'm going to give the paper to my parents and tell them to hide it. And tell them to NEVER give it to me, no matter how hard I begged them. (Like that would ever happen -.-). Why not just delete my account? Because I still luv twitter.

I'll be back on after exams =]

Pray for me (that I won't kill my parents for my password...I'm just kidding,   tht's just freaking!)

-Someone who expects an A in every subject (except maybe Mandarin)

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