Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Okay, so I've talked about how I wanted to go sky diving before, right?
Well, something else I've always wanted to do is observe the beautiful stars that we can see from Earth.

I always see them in Australia, but I've never actually observed them properly.
The sky there is always clear at night, and I can see lots and lots and lots of them! They are one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.
How they can shine so bright and how small they look from Earth. Wow, that's just beautiful.

It's very hard for me find a perfect night where the sky is clear without clouds here in Malaysia. There's always clouds.
I'd occasionally see a few bright stars, and I'd still feel small and dark compared to it.

What I'm wishing for?

To go somewhere chilly with a clear sky at night.
Either on a lovely meadow or on a rooftop.
Lay down underneath a warm, fluffy blanket.
Look up into the sky.
And just stay like that while counting how many stars I can see until I fall asleep. Then wake up feeling blessed.
And to not feel like a loner, I wanna do that with someone I love =)
Talk about the beauty of life.
Wow. I hope this will happen someday, InsyaAllah.

I also wish to see an aurora in real life.

For some reason, I absolutely love skies, clouds and stars. They really inspire me about life. =)

Who wants to observe their beauty with me?
You'll never regret seeing them, I promise =)

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