The Recipe Of Life

Okay, last nite I accidentally read the book "Life is an Open Secret: You, Me & We".

The chapter I was reading was about forgiving others. Forgiving others, and ask from Allah SWT to forgive the person who had wronged us too. Sound hard? To some, heck yeah! And Allah knows how hard it is to do that.

So that is why if we swallow our pride, our anger and ego, and forgive those who have wronged us, and ask from Him to forgive them too, then Allah SWT will reward us with honor!!. I repeat, HONOR.
You know how hard it is to get honor from someone??
And we're talking about our Lord here! Our Lord, the Owner of the Universe!
And He will reward us with that honor. What we have to do is simply forgive others and ask for them to be forgiven by Him. And do this from the goodness of our hearts. Cmon everyone. Don't reject this opportunity to be given honor from our Lord. Lets drop our ego. Lets forgive others. We're getting rewards from it, aren't we?

I came across the poem, which I reckom is the BEST RECIPE EVER.

The Recipe of Life

Fold two hands together, and express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight, and work on it tomorrow
Chop one grudge in tiny pieces, add several cups of love.
Dredge with a large sized smile, mix with the ingredients above.

Dissolve the hate within you, by doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend, if he/she could be in need
Stir in laughter, love and kindness, from the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness, and give your friends some!
The amount of people served, will depend on you

It can serve the whole wide world, if you really want it to!

Everyone knows I suck at cooking. But I feel like this will be the best recipe I'll ever cook. And it's gonna be delicious!

BTW, thnx to the Internet, for letting me read this ....... it's AWESOME !!

Lol, this is just random.

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