About Me

Peace be upon you wonderful human beings :')

My name is Marsya Elina binti Zamzam. I am just another human being trying to find her way in this crazy, gifted thing called LIFE.
And my life? It's based on such a wonderful, peaceful and perfect religion called ISLAM.
I was born 13 years ago on the 2nd of June and my beautiful parents decided to name me something that I believe has an incredible meaning.
The meaning of my name? I don't know. But I think it's a good meaning, of course. What kind of parents give their children's name with a bad meaning?
Until now, I am still trying to become what my parents named me. Trust me, it's not very easy at all. But what IS easy in this life in the first place? For all I know, you have to go through the challenges and tests and the ups and downs to deserve a place in that one unimaginable place.

After taking a personality test someone made, this is supposedly my personality;

I love being lazy, just hanging around doing nothing, watching movies, listening to music or whatever. I'm somehow a bit crazy in a fun sense. People usually think I'm very serious person, but that's only because they don't see the other crazy side of me. My family and my best friends are the only people who truly see the extent where my madness goes. Poor them :)

There. Is it complicated?

Other stuff about me.
1) I say 'K' when I'm too lazy to explain things.
2) I love playing sports, especially badminton, ping pong & running.
3) I'm very friendly. Really. I'm just too shy to approach you first =)
4) If you chat with me, you will sometimes get angry cause of my words ^_^
5) I don't know how to speak English well, so sometimes I'll speak in Malay.
6) I tend to always sing along to the songs I hate.
7) Its hard for me to forget bad memories.
8) I tend to sing K-Pop songs: every single day.
9) Apart from my parents, I think my best friends understand me best =')

Life at school.
I currently go to Sapura Smart School as a Form 1 student. In an awesome class which is S1 Jupiter. I have 23 amazing classmates who I consider as my siblings at school. They are awesome in their own way, and we have the awesomest and most supportive motherly teacher ever. Although we're not that close cause of first year meeting, but we will for sure, be awesome, InsyaAllah. We're just amazingly awesome and we have so much to offer the world. Each and everyone of us. So for all the assessments in the school, we will prove that we can get A's for all the subjects, InsyaAllah. We will prove that we are the legends of 1999, and we will be remembered.

The other half that makes my school life awesome is my best friends: Aineen Sophea, Alya Fahada.

I like to do a lot of things. I used to like reading novels and stuff, but lately I don't have much time to do those things because my parents doesn't allow me. If I read one novel, I will not stop until I finish the book. I guess blogging's a hobby. I believe I'm able to explore more of this fascinating world when my mind isn't subjected to the same thing every single day. And you know what another hobby of mine is? Watching and supporting Manchester United. Glory Glory Man United. USED to be a huge fan of Liverpool. But meh, people change, including me. Manchester United is ah-may-zing.

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