My whole life changed, when I met you ♥

Our friendship will last longer, Insya'Allah :{D

True friends are friends who are happy for you no matter what choices to make in life as long as they make you happy.


Aisyah Farahin. Lalala~, I know you're awesome. And, I like it. :p My pretty bestfriend, you know I love you so much. 2 months, so far, I'm with you, right? :} I love Aisyah, doh. She's pretty. I want your life can? :oo *wink* Remember the first time we became friends? Hikhik ._. I forgot how, but seriously, I'm serious. I forgot how we met each other.

Ellysha Sherryna. My most, pelik girl friend. I miss you A LOT. You're so funny. I die of laughter. If you guys are with her, you guys just can't stop laughing. She knows how to make us laugh. And she's not shy. Girl, you're happy with Ilyas? Of course you are. You have how many boyfriends already huh? A lot, right? Of course ah. You're pretty, cute. I'm so jelly :(

Aineen Sophea. Alamak kauu, :p I love you my cute, little friend. We've been best friends for 3 years, right? I had so much fun at school with you. We always share secrets together, right?? All of us does -.-' I will tell you who I like tomorrow at school, okay? He's older than me of course. One more thing, can you teach me how to dance like K-Pop dance? Kekeke ._. we practice together, okay??

I have a deep deep deep love for you guys. Thanks for being there for me, when I need you guys the most eh?

The person that loves every bit of you, MEZ, 


Meh - an expression of not caring about something.
Originates from Marsya's Dictionary of weird words she thought was cool.

There are certain things that I don't care about anymore. Because I realized that not everything in my life is that important for me to care about.

I don't care about looking flawless all the time anymore. I realized that it's almost impossible to look flawless, because not everyone sees you the same way. So basically I wasted so much time before to look 'beautiful' and stuff. I can't be bothered to apply mascara and eyeliner on my eyes anymore. People probably think it's annoying of me anyway. And I don't want to appear physically attractive in public anymore. I no longer care about trying to look slim and decreasing my body weight. I admit, I was a little bit weight concious before. But then I realized that I loved food. And since I'm still a growing teenager, I need as much energy as I can get to survive my high school years. I know when I'm in university later that I'll probably won't even have time to eat. I hardly know that latest top songs on the radio and internet these days. I got bored of trying to keep up with the trends people talk about. I admit, I did crave for attention to be 'popular' or 'famous' before, but now I'm very happy that I have a pretty low-profile life. Many famous people regret becoming famous because of how people judge you based on everything that you do. So yeah, I don't care about popularity or fame anymore. I don't care about getting attention from guys, being seen as lame and annoying or knowing all the latest gosisps. Lastly, I no longer care about being let down by the people who underestimate me. I did care before, and it hurt me, especially when it came from the last people I'd thought to let me down. Made me pretty depressed and insecure about myself and my abilities. But no. I realized that they're only giving me the chance to prove them wrong. So that's what I'm going to do.

So meh to all of those things.

So what ARE the more important things I wanna focus more on?

Getting great grades for exams.
Learning more from people who reminds me of Allah SWT and The Prophet SAW.
Being a good role model.
Badminton and Athletic events.
Fully getting rid of my insecurities.
Being a prefect.
Being a wonderful daughter.
Becoming an achieving student.
Being a terrific friend.
And when I have time, blog more useful things :)

Teenage Love: is it right or wrong?


Photo Courtesy: heavenlyb-e-a-utiful

Haha, I can't believe I'm FINALLY going to talk about this on my blog. I'm not really the best person to talk about teenage love, because I myself am still a teenager without much experience and knowledge. But I believe that what I have to say could help some confused Muslim teens about this crazy thing called love.

I understand that in our society today, many teens probably have a special someone they're "in love" with, and it's become a norm until we all think that "coupling" or being in a relationship with someone of the opposite gender during teenager hood is something that's completely okay and harmless.

Well, it may seem harmless because it may seem like you're not doing anything wrong if you don't have any physical contact or stuff like that. But at the same time, what DO you do? If you don't do the physical movie-like stuff, then you do the emotional things. Confess your love, say lovey-dovey stuff to each other, tell the whole world about it, go out with them, text 24/7 and promise things you don't even know you can keep. Basically, emotionally feeling the pleasure of love. I count saying "I Love You" or those lovey dovey stuff of emotional pleasure by the way, cause you feel bubbly and happy about it. Is that really harmless? In my opinion, no. Maybe it's not directly harmful, but if you think about it, is Allah happy with this? Is Allah happy with us?

Is it okay to feel the pleasure of love (emotionally and physically) before it's even halal? I'm not very knowledgeable, but I know realize that the only time we ARE allowed to have the pleasure of love is when we have already married that special person. When you're married, you even get rewards from Allah SWT for being all lovey-dovey with your husband/wife! You get rewards for telling them you love them, for taking care of them, making them feel special, and all of those beautiful things. It's when your love is blessed by Allah SWT, when it really is harmless and okay to be in love.

That's why Allah wants us to cover ourselves (girls), so that we only show our beauty to our husband when we're married, when our relationship is halal in the eyes of Allah. That's why there are limits for the interaction between boys and girls. When you're married, I daresay, do whatever the heck you want with your husband! Haha. Go be like Jack and Rose, Romeo and Juliet, Bella and Edward, Justin and Selena, or whoever. Personally I think Rasulullah SAW and Khadijah is the most adorable pair, EVER, heheh.

Sometimes, we know that what we're doing is something that's wrong, but for some reason we deny it in our hearts and makes excuse, cause we follow too much on what our 'nafsu' wants. In my opinion, we should keep our emotions and thoughts to ourselves until the right time comes for us to share it. Allah has already chosen the perfect person for us, even before we were born. He chose the BEST person for us. No matter what happens, somehow and sometimes you WILL be with them. If not now, then in the future. If things don't work out, then that means there's someone better out there, or Allah has better plans for you, even if it doesn't seem like it.

But of course, nowadays teens haven't even finished school yet, they're hardly ready to be involved with marriage and then commitment in one yet. So if you really, really love/admire someone right now, what should you do?

We always have to remember that EVERYTHING we do is for Allah SWT. If we love someone, then we should make sure that Allah SWT loves them too. How do we do that? Encourage them to do good things, to please Allah. Protect them by correcting their mistakes, ask them properly cover their aurat. Help them succeed in their studies. Give them support and advice. Pray for them. Share your knowledge, help them strengthen their iman, inspire them by being a good example and let them inspire YOU to be the best that you can be. Be their best friend, nothing more. If you have feelings for them, keep it inside InsyaAllah, one day Allah will bring you both together, and you can finally feel what the true meaning of love is. You don't need to be all lovey-dovey and prove your love now, it'll only displease Allah SWT.
Just a thought. If a man/woman touches a woman/man before he/she is allowed, then that's obviously more out of lust than love. If they truly did love them, then they would protect them rather than take advantage of them.

For those who have a special someone, do take time to think about the things that you do with him/her, if it's something that brings sin or reward. Think about the truth, not what you want the truth to be =) It's never too late to repent. If you truly love them, then ask for guidance from Allah SWT, in hope that he is the right thing, which is to please Allah, then don't worry. It's something that has to happen, in order to meet someone who WILL accept you for who you are. InsyaAllah, that person will guide you to Heaven =') For those who haven't confessed to someone they like about your feelings towards them, stay strong. Confessing your feelings could complicated things, so my advice is to try your best to be a wonderful friend to that person. Help them become a good servant to Allah SWT. InsyaAllah with your good attention, Allah SWT will bring guide you to your soulmate =) And to those who don't understand what I'm talking about, just keep living your life in the way of Allah SWT =)

I've heard from so many married individuals that the love they feel after marriage is different compared to the love they feel before marriage. It's different in a way beautiful way, because finally, the feeling is blessed by Allah SWT. You no longer have to feel guilty. A good man is for a good woman, and vice versa. If you want a good partner, you yourself should be good too. Allah is never unfair. You WILL get rewards for your good deeds.

InsyaAllah, I hope one day I will get to feel Allah's love through the person He chose for me. A love that is blessed by Allah SWT, our Creator, is something worth waiting and working for.

A love in this life, and Hereafter. InsyaAllah.

P.S. I'm truly sorry if anyone feels offended by my opinions. I realised that I HAVE to point out some things that could be offensive, because that's the only way I can make people understand what I'm trying to say. I hope we all only take this positively.

Please understand that the reason I posted this because I love and care about everybody. I made mistakes too, but there's no better time to change, other than now. This is as much of a reminder and lessons to myself as it is to you. I love you all, let's make Allah SWT proud of us, InsyaAllah. Allah forgive us, if we repent. May He bless us all.

Peace be upon you.


Hi everyone! As you see, I haven't update my blog for a long time. Why? I am lazy. But if you're following me on Twitter... Hewhewhew. I am active like a flacking ant. Hahaha. So I am my house, alone. Yeay! :D So I have nothing to talk about actually. Oh wait!

I came to my bestfriend's house, Alya Fahada on 25th January till 27th January (today). On the first day, we went skating. And it was awesome! It was so fun! It was my third time of skating. We skate at Sunway Pyramid since we don't know other place which have an ice rink. Lolz. ;D So when I go in the ice rink, it was hard since I haven't skate for a long time like 6 or 7 months like that. So when it's already like 5 minutes, I get to use it and it was actually easy. You should just slide you know. I didn't fall at all :D how awesome, right? Hikhik ._. 

That's all. Sorry for another boring post / story. I'm really sorry. Bian. As you all know, I'm addicted in Korea now. So if you text me, I will sometimes use Korean words since I have a Korean alphabet in my keyboards. If you want to know, you  need to install the 'translate' if you want to know what's the meaning. Hikhik ._. bian!!

I'll always remember you

I just had fun just now. My family and I had picnic at Tasik Shah Alam. We start at 9:30 and we got back home at 2:00 .. It's like 4 and a half hours. It was so fun! Seriously..

First, we ate Nasi Lemak made by my mom. It was so delicious, okay!! I should taste. You will eat non-stop. I forgot to take the pictures, sorry :( Well, I'm sure you will taste the nasi lemak one day!!

Then, we suggested to play a game. The first game we played was 'Baling Selipar'. It was so fun! I'm tired of running. I ran so far! Muahahahahahahahhahaha :D

Then, we play "Bola Beracun". The game was like this. We need to have a ball. Then, we pass the ball to any person we want. We need to play a song while we play. When the music stops and the ball is on the person's hand, the person need to get a punishment. Understand? If you don't understand, you can search how you play the game. But it as really fun, awesome and amazing! You can die of laughter cause my family were so funny.

Some of them need to walk like a duck. Some of them need to jump like a frog. Some of them need to say 'I love you' to a tree. Some of them need to sing 'Negaraku'. Some of them need to sing a song. Some of them need to eat 2 cookies for 10 seconds only. And they were all awesome! We laughed at their reactions. While they were doing it, the others took some pictures.

The people on the park watched us and some of them laughed. Ahahahaha :D So funny. It was so embarrassed.

Well, I will never forget this day. Never ever, I promised. I really promised. So fun!!

Sorry if this post is boring. And if you don't understand, bian (it means 'sorry', in Korea).

Pure Love.

Subhanallah, maha suci Allah
Alhamdulillah, segala puji bagi Allah
Allahuakbar, Allah Maha Besar

When was the last time you felt grateful with what you have? The things that you have now is probably what other want, so why the sad face? Allah has plans for you, such great plans He have for you. All you gotta do is just wait and pray for the best :) When people say " I have no one to talk to " or " no one loves me ". Um, you should know that Allah is always with you, He will always be there for you. Forever. You can tell everything to Allah. In fact, you should trust Him because he is your Creator and my Creator. He knows what's inside our little hearts. Sometimes, you need human's love to be happy, you just need Allah's love. You can already be happy :)
It is promise from Him to you that He will always be there for you. This is when I discovered " why am I even sad ? I have Allah . Always . "
He always watching me and gives me guidance throughout the day.

Back on the right path, alhamdulillah.

Someone: Hey! U wanna hear a story?! Kite baru dengar semalam. :')
Me: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!
Someone: Tell me why you think the Prophet sleeps facing the right side, with his right hand under his right cheek?
Me:'s not good for your heart for you to lay down on your left side? XD
Someone: No, angel, neoup. :) One day, angels watched the Prophet sleep, he was holding tears in his right hand. He cries every night missing his ummah. Some of the wives of Muhammad SAW think that he doesn't sleep at all :'( Because he cries about what's happening now. He knows about it :'( And, he misses people who never saw him, talked to him, heard his voice, but misses him. He misses us back. He cries as proof :'( Angels as witness.
Me: That...that's a very beautiful story. I feel sad but calm.. I..I miss him. And I'm afraid he'll never be proud to admit me as one of his ummah. That's something I'll always worry about. Never let me forget this :) If ever I'm heading in the wrong direction, remind me of this. Please :S

This story will never, never fail to pull me back on the right path. The path to heaven. Because I forget things. It shows how weak I am. Sometimes I don't realize when I'm doing something that's not bringing me closer to Allah. But alhamdulillah, Allah is very, very kind. He surrounds me with many people who constantly reminded me of Him. I can just look at those faces and I'l instantly WANT to be a good person. They're the people who tells me when I'm doing things that could weaken my faith, gives me good advice, encourages me to do good deeds and have a wide perception of the world. They also don't judge me badly before knowing my opinions and intentions well first. They listen. They care. They support. They bring me closer to heaven, closer to Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW. Alhamdulillah. These are the people I truly love and sincerely hope Allah rewards them for their kind hearts. I've four special friends especially, and their hearts are so beautiful it makes me wanna cry of happiness :') Other than that, my teachers and parents are also very, very beautiful. May Allah bless them ALL and always guide them in the right direction.

This story makes me sad. Because I love Rasulullah SAW. And it makes me cry when I remember how he cries for us, every night. How he STILL remembers us moments away from death. How he begs we won't feel the pain of dying like he did. This man. The most influential man in the world. The best example. The most loved by Allah SWT.




Asma’ bint Yazid reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Shall I tell you who is the best of you?” “Yes„” they replied. He said, “Those who remind you of Allah when you see them.” He went on to say, “Shall I tell you who is the worst of you?” “Yes,” they replied. He said, “Those who go about slandering, causing mischief between friends in order to separate them, and desiring to lead the innocent into wrong action.”
Of the Asmaul Husna: Al-Waliyyu
Meaning, “THE PROTECTING FRIEND” :’)))))))

Reasons to have a guy best friend:

  • Guy don't start rumours for no apparent reason.
  • They won't tell anyone your secrets.
  • They don't PMS and randomly act super rude.
  • They don't try to steal the guy you like.
  • They aren't two faced.
  • They stick up for you no matter what.
  • They'll give you their sweatshirt when your cold.
  • They'll carry you when you get hurt.
  • And they might even fall in love with you.

True Friends

A bestfriend can look at you when you have the biggest smile on your face & say what's wrong.

I have true friends which means they're my bestfriend. They mean a lot to me. I swear, our friendship is like a family. We planned to stay together when we finish our school time, we had ups & downs together, and we shared our secrets, we're like sisters. You know. I hate that one moment when one of us fighting over something stupid. I really do hate that. I want to have history with them girls. I love them to bits & pieces, no one will ever imagine. They're the reason why I am right now. They make me feel stronger, happier, crazier and all. I've been with some of them since three years and we had lots and lots and lots of memories.

Don't walk away.

You have to believe yourself that someday, someone special will come into your life and make everything's alright. Trust me. If you're crying means you're weak. That's not right. You have to show him that you're better without him, and tell him, someone is way better than him is waiting for you but you don't know him. It's alright if it hurts a lot. You have to be strong enough that you're right. Everyone is not perfect. Moving on may be hard, but you gotta try, ladies.

Don't be so desperate because people will think that you're so desperate to have a boyfriend or so whatever. There's a lot of retarded people keeps judging people by their looks, nowadays. Well, God makes you like that. It's alright.

Do keep believe in yourself, girls.


I have a crush on you , I know it is for real . Not like any other crushes I used to have , this one I can feel . When you walk by me , my heart start to race .


Wednesday , 18 January 2012 .
I want to tell you how I feel , but I'm scared if you may say that I don't like you , sorry , or you're the girl I'm waiting for , or maybe simple yes .

I Wish My Parents Could Understand...

  • When I hang out with a boy doesn't mean he's my boyfriend.
  • High school is hard, and I'm trying my best.
  • I'm a teenager, I don't always have the best attitude.
  • I try to make the best decisions for me.
  • My room gets messy.
  • I'm growing up and being sheltered isn't going to do any good for me.


Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up. You build up all these defences, you build up a whole suit of armour, so that nothing can hurt you, then one stupid person, no different from any other stupid person, wanders into your stupid life.

You give them a piece of you. They didn't ask for it. They did something dumb one day, like kiss you or smile at you, and then your life isn't your own anymore. Love takes hostages. It gets inside you. It eats you out and leaves you crying in the darkness, so simple a phrase like 'maybe we should be just friends' turns into a glass splinter working it's way into your heart. It hurts. Not just in the imagination. Not just in the mind. It's a soul-hurt, a real gets-inside-you-and-rips-you-apart pain. I hate love. -bleeding love

I wish you cared
I wish I didn't care
I wish it was easier
I wish things weren't confusing
I wish I liked myself
I wish I wasn't so insecure
I wish I could be the person I am in my head
I wish my thoughts wouldn't kill me
I wish reality was more like my dreams
I wish you were really who I thought you were
I wish I wasn't so different
I wish I could just escape
better yet. I wish I could disappear

"What's your horoscope sign?"

Things are bumpy now. And frankly baby, it's gonna get worse. Life is like the roller coaster everyone looks at from a far thinking "That looks crazy enough for me to enjoy". Life is a constant up and down. Whether we enjoy it or whether it makes us sick, we get down from it with a whole lot of different thoughts running through our minds. All different thoughts from one another.

I think about all I have gone through and all my ups and downs and I would love to say I did all I could but I didn't. I didn't make the people I wanted to stay stay and I never shunned the people I wanted to leave soon enough. I kept waiting for something. Something until today I wonder if it would have helped or not. Either way, it's gone and things happened already. There is nothing I can do about what has happened but I want to believe I'll make a difference in the choices I will make to help what will happen.

I want to believe I have made something of myself since I was younger. Honestly, I do feel the change. It isn't a vast difference but it is something. Day by day, I'll grow and be more of the someone I wish to be someday. I got my eyes on my goals and I'll change towards it without turning back.

Until the next time, goodnight moon and goodnight you and you're all I think about. All that I dream about.

And All In Once I Stop Caring

I dread the day you come back and I'll have to go back to feeling again.
I hope this is what you wanted.

If It's Not Like The Movies, That's How It Should Be

Feel like forever since I last blogged. Sorry guys.
Well nothing much has changed and I feel content about it.
Life's a bittersweet puzzle I keep having to put together every day.
Lucky me.

I really have nothing to say at the moment.
I'll blog something amazing soon alright.

And I Swear I Saw You Smile

The pain in your heart, I understand why it's there.
You try to let go of it telling yourself you'll be okay.
The little percent of hate you have towards me.
I know it hurts and I know it'll take time.
The way you can open your heart and let out emotions that I have always been too scared to show.
The energy and hard-works you put into everything you do.

My point is I'm Sorry

If I Tell You, I'd Have To Kill You

So when the sun is up, we'll laugh about how we need to get some sleep.
And we'll count down the days we have left.
Try to remember what happened and who came and left.
Finding out things about ourself we never knew.
Sleeping over, getting into trouble, having fun.
We need this cause but not for long.
When we get back to wherever we need to be, we'll keep these memories.

I'm tired and my body can barely take it anymore.
Shhh, I have to focus.
I have to be professional and keep it cool.
It feels like a decade but it's been two days.
My eye bags are growing every second.
This is the life!

Bittersweet End To The Spell You Cast On Me

I could easily break your heart, let you go, make you cry.
I could easily make your heart bleed with pain and misery.
I could easily turn your life into a living hell and torture you inside and out.
I could simply tell you how worthless you really are and make your smiles never see the light of day ever again.
I can easily tell you the undying true story of how no one actually cares about you.
I can easily tell you your life's story of once upon a time and the end and explain in detail that you're nothing more that a piece of dirt stuck to the bottom of my very dirty heel.
I can simply show you how easy it is to find another you seeing it's easy finding a complete nobody.
I can easily shatter your hopes and dreams so finely you'd only pray to try and pick yourself up again.
I can easily lift your spirits up so high and let them go in a blink of an eye just to break them into tiny little miserable pieces.
I can easily jump start your life wires and pull the chords off the power source just to show how easy you are to ruin.
I can do so many things to you and I can easily break you so far down you won't want to get up.

But watching you fail all by yourself feels better.

Treat Them Like Dirt They'll Forever Stick To The Bottom Of Your Shoes

One day you'll wake-up and realize how much you miss me and you'll realize all the bad things you've ever done to me.
You'll want to fix everything or take your words back.
You'll want to try and get my forgiveness or try to erase all our memories you shattered when you threw my heart out the window.

One day you'll get out of bed and realize all your t-shirts small like me and the ones that don't are with me.
You'll try and give me back the stuff I ever gave you.
You'll want to burn the letters or ignore the pictures I gave you.
You'll want to try and delete my phone number and try to forget the fact you memorized it already.

One day you'll look in the mirror and not recognize yourself for you have lost all your self-esteem.
You'll want to try and pick yourself up but you fail knowing I was the only glue pulling you together.
You'll want to get out of bed but find yourself struggling to even roll over from the depression that's taking over your body from knowing the sins you have committed.

One day, all I have ever done for you or to you makes sense.
But it'll be too late and all you have is cuts on your wish from all your regrets.
And I have moved on and I never looked back.
Cause putting you in the past was a choice and it was the best I've ever made.

I can now look up to the sky, watch the clouds and breath in clean air.
I feel no more pain and the air around me is clean once again.

And we all know who wins this round, kid.


If it isn't obvious enough now, I already forgive you.
How can I stay angry at you? Right?
We always have fun and really that's all we need.
We just need to be there for each other.
Who cares about the status?
We'll create our own rules.
Who cares who ever says right?
We know who we are and we know what we want.
You'll be fine I know, but some things just need to be helped okay?

So don't hesitate you need me.

Blame It On The Goose Gotcha Feeling Loose

I know I don't need you but you make me feel good.
You made me do things I didn't think I could do.
You make me let go and I have the most fun around.
You make me go crazy and people hate me around you.
But I love the feeling when we're together.

I swear I'll return to you after the mid-terms.
I don't need you but I want you so bad.
I miss you so bad.
Just wait for me and I'll be there soon.

An addiction is when you say you don't need it but do, I say I need it when I don't.
So it's fine.

Hi, I'm Marsya and I'm absolutely fine.

So I Said It Might Be Funny To Keep Me Hanging In Suspense

Ever felt not like yourself one day?
Like you wake-up, get in the showers, get cleaned off, wear your clothes and when you look in the mirror to see how you look, you don't even recognize yourself?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt like the one time you actually let go to feel new feelings, you just get shot back down and you start feeling that same amount of rejection and regret you felt before you made the decision to let go?
Ever feel like you picked up a strangers call?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt the need to want to be better, look better, play smarter, study harder and to just feel better?
Ever felt like somehow something inside you is eating up and you can't control the immensity of emotions running through your veins?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt the need to close your eyes and take a deep breath to calm yourself before you slice someone's throat open?
Ever felt like wanting to hurt someone so bad just to get the attention off of your own pain?
Ever feel like just falling asleep in someone's arms?
Yeah exactly.

Ever feel like someone somewhere deserves to be yours for a day just to feel how amazing you feel at one particular second of your life?
Ever feel like you wanna trade lives with someone so insignificant just to let them feel how it feels like to be apart of something amazing that is your life?
Yeah exactly.

Ever loved yourself so much that you build a wall around you so far deep in while wearing armour just so that the love of yourself doesn't get dented?
Ever just wanted to be alone cause that's all you can stand at the moment?
Yeah exactly.

Ever tried something so amazing you wanna freeze yourself in a capsule and never let that moment go?
Ever try to sneak behind someone and stab them in the back for calling you names you know shouldn't even be created for you?
Yeah exactly.

We face wonders, we face pain but it still doesn't give us a reason to admit defeat.

The Start of A New Belief

My most inner thoughts, scariest dreams and anything that has to do with me will be written in full details as of today in this blog.
Strict followers are loved, haters are ignored.
This is how I roll and I have more to do than to take care of your feelings.
This is my zone and this is where I come to get away.

Dear world, I'm sorry.

Dear world,
I'm sorry.
If you hate me so much, feel free to throw me out of your life.
I don't want you to get the sins for your hatred towards me.
I'm sorry I wasn't good to be there for you all the time.
Know that I've tried my best. If my best isn't acceptable, then I don't deserve being in your world.
But don't you dare even once that I never tried. I did, and I'm tired now.
I'm tired of being accused of not caring. I'm tired of you assuming nonsense before I even had the chance to explain. Oh, but that's right. I'm not good enough.
That's okay. I'm sorry I wasted your time. I'm sorry you ever met me. I'm sorry I wasn't born to please you.
I'm sorry I let you down. Promising I never will again is like saying the world will never end.
So just don't put your hopes on me ever again. I'm sorry for breaking promises.
I don't mind if you never realize how much I've done for you. It's okay. I'm used to it.
Just promise me one thing. Once you throw me out, don't come and find me again. I've learnt to accept my flaws as a human being, so I started to get up and walk away.
I don't want to hurt you again like I did before. You deserve better.
I'll always pray that He gives you the best that you do deserve.
Please forgive me. I guarantee that when you sincerely do, then you forget about me, your life will get better, at least slightly.
So please, forgive me.
Peace be upon you.




Dear world,
If you love me, then don't. I don't deserve being loved by you.
I'm terrified of hurting you, because I know I'm not good enough.
I'm terrified of letting you down, because of my unfortunate flaws.
But if you're willing to risk the chance of getting hurt, I promise I will try my best to make sure I do deserve living in your magnificent world. Just know that I am an imperfect human being and have every chance of making a mistake. I hope you're willing to forgive me. I admit, I am stubborn most of the time. But that doesn't mean that I can't do fascinating and amazing things to make the world a better place.
That doesn't mean that once in a while, I can't make you smile like the happiest person on Earth.
I'm okay if you don't trust me. Really, I am. Because I wouldn't trust myself either. But if you do trust me, then the most I do is TRY to not let you down. Please know that I would never want to.
The imperfect side of me took over. I hope you're willing to accept that.
If you tell me you love me, or that you believe in me, it'll make me smile.
And may He bless you for making someone happy.
I love you =)
Peace be upon you.

Simple Reminders.

I've been on Tumblr lately. The Islamic blogs are really awesome, I really enjoying browsing through it for hours =)

  1. Assalaam-U-Alaikum = May peace be upon you
  2. Saam-O-Alaikum = Destruction be on to you
  3. Asaam-O-Alaikum = Death be imposed upon you
  4. Assa-E-Kum = Pleasure be ceased upon you
  5. Slam-le-Kum = Curse be upon you

    There are basic mistakes and even as Muslims, we do not know how to say Assalam-U-Alaikum. So be careful about it because the most common one used today out of negligence is Number 5...


Asma’ bint Yazid reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “Shall I tell you who is the best of you?” “Yes„” they replied. He said, “Those who remind you of Allah when you see them.” He went on to say, “Shall I tell you who is the worst of you?” “Yes,” they replied. He said, “Those who go about slandering, causing mischief between friends in order to separate them, and desiring to lead the innocent into wrong action.”
Of the Asmaul Husna: Al-Waliyyu
Meaning, “THE PROTECTING FRIEND” :’)))))))

SubhanAllah!! this is really what I want to check everyday..and asking,”how’s your iman my dear?” :)))))

You: I Love You. Me: asdfghjkl...

Ever happened to you?
One day, randomly out of nowhere, someone tells you that they love you. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? To know that someone in the world cares about you until you don't have the words to respond to that. It can be from anyone. Your mum, your sister, your friends, that special someone, a random person on the street, your teddy bear (haha idk). But no matter WHO says it, it still feels great. Like you exist in the world, huh? Especially when they say it in the most unexpected and random moment and catch you off guard.
But maybe some people don't get the chance to experience this. So why not you try and be the one saying it to other people? Like say it to your mum! Or your best friend. Their reaction is priceless, TRUST ME. And you'll feel wonderful about that =)

You're the sun

No Rainbow without Rain

I wish I could make you believe that all of the pain and suffering that you're going through is just temporary. For how long? Only God knows. But what I know and what I can tell you is that He is fair. Always. That's why you should never, never give up. You're already going to get what you want and what you deserve, or what Allah thinks is best for you. Allah already planned for you to get the happiness that you want. Only to see whether you truly deserve it, He has to test you first. Tests to test your patience, test your faith in Him, and you will know if you have passed His tests when you finally have what you want and can take a deep breath and feel calm. It's worth not giving up for, isn't it? Because if you give up, what will you get? Not much =)

I understand that in the world we live in today, it's extremely hard to keep ourselves together. I understand 'being strong' and 'not giving up' is easier than done. It is, I admit. I can just say it a million times to myself, and still I'd have a hard to fully believe it. But that's just the thing, isn't it? Not EVERYONE is strong. But you're not 'everyone', are you? You're you. And YOU are strong. Allah would never give you a challenge that He knows you can't cope with. That mean He KNOWS you can do it. Trust Allah, have faith in Him and believe that you can, because He does.

 With just a little push, you'll be closer to what you're aiming for. What if you keep taking a step after another? Without realizing it, you'll already be where you wanna be. And you'll realize how everything you went through, all of those challenges Allah threw at you, that they were all worth it.

Maybe sometimes, you wonder why Allah give you certain things? Things that you really, really want? No matter how much you pray for it, you still don't get it? I really hope that you always remember that Allah knows everything. Like literally EVERYTHING. He knows what happened in the past, what's happening now, what's going to happen in the future and everything else that's infinity miles BEYOND our imagination. Meaning? He knows what you want, yes. But he so knows what you NEED and what is the BEST for you. Keep an opened mind that not everything that you want is the best thing for you. That maybe if you don't get it, Allah has better plans for you. Meaning you'll get something even BETTER than what you wanted. Who wants less stuff, rite? lol.
But of course it's not wrong to pray to Him for what you want. In fact, that's exactly what you should do if you want something. ASK it from him. Don't be so arrogant to ask Allah for what you want, because He is the only one who can give it to you. Of course you yourself also have to work very , very hard.

And soon a smile will start growing and will only get bigger until you just can't stand having such a big and beautiful smile anymore. There IS sunshine behind that rain. There are good times behind the pain. How do you make a change? Keep trying to get to the end of the rainbow, to the pot of gold. And when you reach the end, you will realize how it was all worth it. How Allah really does love you.

Just be true

Some people tend to change who they are, just so that they can fit in with society. I don't get why some people have to do that. I mean, don't get me wrong. If they're changing themselves for the better, then I don't give a chocolate fudge, I say good for you, mate! But then I'm talking about people who probably don't realize that they're slowly adapting to the environment that is obviously different then what they're used to. In other words, letting themselves get influenced with things that just freaking pisses me off. Why is this bad?
Because it's not you. Why should you be YOU? Well, put it this way. You wanna be blended in and be the same with everyone else (and annoying) or you wanna be different and yourself?
Even if you wanted to shine for the attention, which one is better anyway?
Let me just assume you chose the second one XD.
GOOD. You shouldn't change for other people, or just to be accepted.
If people around you smoke, are you going to smoke as well?
Why don't you be the one who's true to yourself, have your own stand and principles, so that you actually gain something just by being yourself?
Because everyone is unique and different and have a lot to offer to the world, even you. You don't need to become like others. Make you THINK you're being different from them, but I'm so sorry to say that you're exactly the same, sweetie. Only a hundred times more annoying because you're not being originally you. Do you think people are actually pleased with that? Please think again.

And you (those who aren't staying true to yourselves)? I know you're different. I know you have something incredible deep inside you that you're not letting out. I don't know if it is because you're too afraid that people won't accept you for who you are, or whatever. But just think for a moment, how changing your style, your attitude and your behaviour is actually giving you any benefit and all. Who cares if other people are doing it first? It doesn't mean that it's something good and to be proud of, maybe they're the one's making mistakes. But that doesn't mean that you have to follow them. It definitely does NOT mean it's cool.
Have your own principles.
What does that mean? I mean, you should have your own sets of rules in your life, to make sure that you don't accidentally go on the wrong path or fall into any traps. By having principles in your life, you can be true to who you are. As long as you don't break or contradict your principles of course. I really, really admire those who stay true to themselves. I don't know, to me they're very unique and special. Because they're careful. And they care about their image.
If you see your friends or anyone do something that's against your principals, then don't join them. It shows how wise you are to stay true to yourself. You know something's wrong, so don't do it. And please, take full responsibility if you DO get influenced by your friends. Don't blame them for influencing you, blame yourself for putting yourself in a position to get influenced.

But everyone can start over. If you did mistakes, learn from it. PLEASE don't keep on repeating it. It gets very, very annoying and people just start to lose their respect for you. Try and not lose that respect in the first place if you want everyone to accept you for who you are.

I'm sorry everyone, I just really, REALLY need to express this to SOME specific people, because I noticed how different they are now compared to the person they were the first time I met them. Had so much respect, mann. They're wonderful people, to be honest. Just gotta be a little stronger with their principles.
And also, I've even noticed from our community today. How the teens these days do stupid things because it seems 'cool' and 'in trend'. No, mann. That's so lame.

Sorry kalau ade orang terase, I just want us all to be wonderful people by staying true to ourselves =)

Peace be upon you all =')

imperfection is beautiful.

You don't need to be perfect to be beautiful. Somewhere out there, someone loves you BECAUSE of your imperfection. I don't expect you to be perfect. And you know what? I'm fine with that. I think it's beautiful. I think you're beautiful. Being imperfect IS perfect enough.

If someone thinks I'm imperfect, then I'll take it as a compliment. Because the only one I want to seem perfect to is Allah s.w.t. and that's through my faith, behaviour and deeds. And no, I'm not perfect in that sense yet, but I'm hoping I'm in the right direction.

Maybe I don't have some things to make me perfect. But that's okay, because God didn't want to give them to me. He already think I'm perfect without it. Or He could just be testing me. But either way, I just want to be myself in a way that He's happy with. If you don't like me because I don't want to be perfect in your eyes, then too bad, God didn't create me to please you. But if you accept me the way I am, and think that I'm perfect in my own imperfect way, then may God bless you.

Allah s.w.t. is perfect. In every way imaginable AND unimaginable.

Me? I'm imperfect. You? You're imperfect. And guess what? Imperfection is beautiful. We're beautiful.

Always remember that.

A special gift from God

The world comes to life, when everything's bright.
From the beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find.
The beauty you are when you open your heart and believe in
The gift of a friend.

I don't know if I'm a good friend. But what I definitely know is that I have such wonderful, caring, loving, trustworthy, amazing ones. After Allah, the Prophet S.A.W, my parents, family and my teachers, the next people I truly love would definitely be my friends.

Out of every gift I have ever received, the gifts I value and appreciate the most are my friends' half of our friendship. Their trust, their care, their concern, their smiles, their laughter, their knowledge, everything.
Because whenever I'm feeling so invisible and useless in this world, they would always be there to acknowledge my existence, to show that I am meaningful in their life and that our friendship is something amazing.=')

I have a lot of friends, Alhamdulillah. Some of them never fail to make me laugh, some of them actually think I'm a nice person, some of them are hilariously random, some of them are very matured, some them are exactly like me, some of them are brilliantly intelligent, some of them are imaginary, others make me smile and fascinate me in a lot of things. If you combine all of my friends together, you'll see a rainbow. Everyone's different, and everyone's special. I love every single colour for who they are, and what they represent.
Maybe I do have favourites, but they mean too much to me to be ranked. And plus, it changes from time to time, depending on the time we get to spend with each other. But I love and cherish every memory with my friends, no matter if we've only shared a few times together in this lifetime.

And it's normal for friends to have arguments and fights. That' show you know if someone really cares about you or not.

Even my blog readers, though we probably haven't met or talked in real life, but I still consider you as my friend. I appreciate you passing through my blog, I really do.

May God bless you all, my friends. I apologize if I have ever hurt your feelings in any way. Without your help, I can never come close. Thank you for your friendships, it's one of the most beautiful things I possess in this life, and I do hope that it will only be stronger in the hereafter. =')

Would you?

Would you? Would you really rewind the time, if you could? And even if you would, would you change something about your life?
If your answer yes, then obviously you're unsatisfied with something about your life.
But why?
Maybe life sucks, and SugarHoneyIceTea can happen sometimes, but would you really want to go against what Allah s.w.t. already planned out for us, just so that we could make ourselves happy right now?

Because you never know, maybe all of those mistakes that you made in the past, we're just tickets and chances for a brighter and happier future. And what if you did change what happened in the past? Could you really be happy right now? Life isn't easy, you know.

It's better to go through the hard times now rather than suffer in the future.
It's going to be worth it, InsyaAllah =)


Hmmm, doesn't love leave us all confused? Especially if you're not even sure who I'm talking about.
And TRUST ME, your assumptions are wrong, mwuahahahahahaha.


Lyrics: Enchanted — Taylor Swift

Judging a book by its cover

You can't expect your life to be harder than others'. Sure, other people MAY seem happy. They may seem like they're living the 'perfect' life. They may seem like they have no problems in their life at all.
But that's when I say they have the most amazing smile ever to hide all of the pain that they are actually suffering from.

Another example, some people may seem like they're not on the right path. They may seem like they're running their lives or are the most unlikely people to succeed in something. But it's amazing what they can hide in their heart. They may seem like they don't have one or that they don't care, but if only you knew how much they actually do. If only you knew their real intentions and why they don't show it.

Basically what I've been trying to say in the last 2 paragraphs is just a simple and common message that I'm sure you always hear.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

It may be a pretty, fancy and colourful cover. But that doesn't mean that the contents are all happy, perfect, fancy and colourful. It could even be the most devastating story ever or one that has to go through the hardest challenges.

Or it can be a dull, lame and dirty cover. That doesn't mean that it's a boring and useless story. But it could actually be the best story you'll ever read.

So don't ever think that you know someone by just seeing their actions, and not their intentions and reasons for doing so.

Just a little message to you,
Sometimes I don't come to you because you don't even care.
I don't like it that you take advantage of me as free ears when there's no one else around.
If you wanna judge every thing that I do, why not just say it straight in my face?
I'm sick and tired of you, I "under-judged" you, which made me trust you a little too much until I'm finally not that blind to realize that you're only taking advantage of others.
I'm very disappointed in you, I thought you were amazing.
Hope you realize your mistake, and focus on things that are most important.

(haha, and you probably don't care about when I just said anyway oh well).

Living a dream..