Born To Be Somebody =)

Lol I know, I've been blogging an awful lot lately. But this is the only place where I wanna express myself. =)

I can't stop listening to Justin Bieber's song, Born To Be Somebody.
It's not because I'm obsessed with him or anything, okay? I just really think he has great songs.
It's a very inspiring song that can make me smile and have hope.

So I was thinking, what the heck do I wanna be when I grow up??
For 2 years, I've been saying that I want to be an accountant. Is that really true? I don't know.
I really really really really really really don't know what I wanna be.
My friends all know what their dreams are. They wanna be a marine biologist, specialist doctor, author, psychiatrist, businesswoman and many other things.
I wanna be something that can help other people too. Someone who can inspire others in a good way.
Can becoming an accountant help me do that? I hope so. Is it what I was born to be as? Only Allah SWT knows.
I really can't wait for the moment in life where I'll realize who I was born to be. Everyone has a purpose in this life. I wanna smile and be thankful the moment I realize what MY purpose is.

I was born to be somebody. And so were you.

Just believe. As Iman says, You Gotta Believe To Achieve. I believe.

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