Would you?

Would you? Would you really rewind the time, if you could? And even if you would, would you change something about your life?
If your answer yes, then obviously you're unsatisfied with something about your life.
But why?
Maybe life sucks, and SugarHoneyIceTea can happen sometimes, but would you really want to go against what Allah s.w.t. already planned out for us, just so that we could make ourselves happy right now?

Because you never know, maybe all of those mistakes that you made in the past, we're just tickets and chances for a brighter and happier future. And what if you did change what happened in the past? Could you really be happy right now? Life isn't easy, you know.

It's better to go through the hard times now rather than suffer in the future.
It's going to be worth it, InsyaAllah =)

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  1. i like your blog...great..(^_^)