So I Said It Might Be Funny To Keep Me Hanging In Suspense

Ever felt not like yourself one day?
Like you wake-up, get in the showers, get cleaned off, wear your clothes and when you look in the mirror to see how you look, you don't even recognize yourself?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt like the one time you actually let go to feel new feelings, you just get shot back down and you start feeling that same amount of rejection and regret you felt before you made the decision to let go?
Ever feel like you picked up a strangers call?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt the need to want to be better, look better, play smarter, study harder and to just feel better?
Ever felt like somehow something inside you is eating up and you can't control the immensity of emotions running through your veins?
Yeah exactly.

Ever felt the need to close your eyes and take a deep breath to calm yourself before you slice someone's throat open?
Ever felt like wanting to hurt someone so bad just to get the attention off of your own pain?
Ever feel like just falling asleep in someone's arms?
Yeah exactly.

Ever feel like someone somewhere deserves to be yours for a day just to feel how amazing you feel at one particular second of your life?
Ever feel like you wanna trade lives with someone so insignificant just to let them feel how it feels like to be apart of something amazing that is your life?
Yeah exactly.

Ever loved yourself so much that you build a wall around you so far deep in while wearing armour just so that the love of yourself doesn't get dented?
Ever just wanted to be alone cause that's all you can stand at the moment?
Yeah exactly.

Ever tried something so amazing you wanna freeze yourself in a capsule and never let that moment go?
Ever try to sneak behind someone and stab them in the back for calling you names you know shouldn't even be created for you?
Yeah exactly.

We face wonders, we face pain but it still doesn't give us a reason to admit defeat.

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