Meh - an expression of not caring about something.
Originates from Marsya's Dictionary of weird words she thought was cool.

There are certain things that I don't care about anymore. Because I realized that not everything in my life is that important for me to care about.

I don't care about looking flawless all the time anymore. I realized that it's almost impossible to look flawless, because not everyone sees you the same way. So basically I wasted so much time before to look 'beautiful' and stuff. I can't be bothered to apply mascara and eyeliner on my eyes anymore. People probably think it's annoying of me anyway. And I don't want to appear physically attractive in public anymore. I no longer care about trying to look slim and decreasing my body weight. I admit, I was a little bit weight concious before. But then I realized that I loved food. And since I'm still a growing teenager, I need as much energy as I can get to survive my high school years. I know when I'm in university later that I'll probably won't even have time to eat. I hardly know that latest top songs on the radio and internet these days. I got bored of trying to keep up with the trends people talk about. I admit, I did crave for attention to be 'popular' or 'famous' before, but now I'm very happy that I have a pretty low-profile life. Many famous people regret becoming famous because of how people judge you based on everything that you do. So yeah, I don't care about popularity or fame anymore. I don't care about getting attention from guys, being seen as lame and annoying or knowing all the latest gosisps. Lastly, I no longer care about being let down by the people who underestimate me. I did care before, and it hurt me, especially when it came from the last people I'd thought to let me down. Made me pretty depressed and insecure about myself and my abilities. But no. I realized that they're only giving me the chance to prove them wrong. So that's what I'm going to do.

So meh to all of those things.

So what ARE the more important things I wanna focus more on?

Getting great grades for exams.
Learning more from people who reminds me of Allah SWT and The Prophet SAW.
Being a good role model.
Badminton and Athletic events.
Fully getting rid of my insecurities.
Being a prefect.
Being a wonderful daughter.
Becoming an achieving student.
Being a terrific friend.
And when I have time, blog more useful things :)

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