My whole life changed, when I met you ♥

Our friendship will last longer, Insya'Allah :{D

True friends are friends who are happy for you no matter what choices to make in life as long as they make you happy.


Aisyah Farahin. Lalala~, I know you're awesome. And, I like it. :p My pretty bestfriend, you know I love you so much. 2 months, so far, I'm with you, right? :} I love Aisyah, doh. She's pretty. I want your life can? :oo *wink* Remember the first time we became friends? Hikhik ._. I forgot how, but seriously, I'm serious. I forgot how we met each other.

Ellysha Sherryna. My most, pelik girl friend. I miss you A LOT. You're so funny. I die of laughter. If you guys are with her, you guys just can't stop laughing. She knows how to make us laugh. And she's not shy. Girl, you're happy with Ilyas? Of course you are. You have how many boyfriends already huh? A lot, right? Of course ah. You're pretty, cute. I'm so jelly :(

Aineen Sophea. Alamak kauu, :p I love you my cute, little friend. We've been best friends for 3 years, right? I had so much fun at school with you. We always share secrets together, right?? All of us does -.-' I will tell you who I like tomorrow at school, okay? He's older than me of course. One more thing, can you teach me how to dance like K-Pop dance? Kekeke ._. we practice together, okay??

I have a deep deep deep love for you guys. Thanks for being there for me, when I need you guys the most eh?

The person that loves every bit of you, MEZ, 

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