Never Give Up.

Life is hard. Sometimes, we have to go through the challenges that God has set out for us. Know why? Because He wants to test us, of how we will deal with it. Whether we accept it and go through it patiently, or if we don't wanna accept it and give up because it's too 'hard' for us to cope with.

Even the smallest things in your daily life might make you stressed or frustrated. But what's the point of giving up, and not gaining anything from it? At least, if we TRY, we CAN succeed. If you try and fail, then at least you didn't fail because you give up. You tried your best, and that's what matters.
Allah s.w.t. won't give us challenges that he knows we can't deal with. He'll give us ones that he knows we CAN cope and live with, but it's up to us whether we want to or not.

If you want something, work hard on it, and never give up, because if you do you will never know whether you could've gotten what you wanted or not. Only God controls the future, but that future depends on our decisions too. God can't give you what you want if you don't work hard on it, and if you don't try.
So you know what that means, right?
Never Give Up.

               Determination is the key to success.

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