A special gift from God

The world comes to life, when everything's bright.
From the beginning to end when you have a friend by your side
That helps you to find.
The beauty you are when you open your heart and believe in
The gift of a friend.

I don't know if I'm a good friend. But what I definitely know is that I have such wonderful, caring, loving, trustworthy, amazing ones. After Allah, the Prophet S.A.W, my parents, family and my teachers, the next people I truly love would definitely be my friends.

Out of every gift I have ever received, the gifts I value and appreciate the most are my friends' half of our friendship. Their trust, their care, their concern, their smiles, their laughter, their knowledge, everything.
Because whenever I'm feeling so invisible and useless in this world, they would always be there to acknowledge my existence, to show that I am meaningful in their life and that our friendship is something amazing.=')

I have a lot of friends, Alhamdulillah. Some of them never fail to make me laugh, some of them actually think I'm a nice person, some of them are hilariously random, some of them are very matured, some them are exactly like me, some of them are brilliantly intelligent, some of them are imaginary, others make me smile and fascinate me in a lot of things. If you combine all of my friends together, you'll see a rainbow. Everyone's different, and everyone's special. I love every single colour for who they are, and what they represent.
Maybe I do have favourites, but they mean too much to me to be ranked. And plus, it changes from time to time, depending on the time we get to spend with each other. But I love and cherish every memory with my friends, no matter if we've only shared a few times together in this lifetime.

And it's normal for friends to have arguments and fights. That' show you know if someone really cares about you or not.

Even my blog readers, though we probably haven't met or talked in real life, but I still consider you as my friend. I appreciate you passing through my blog, I really do.

May God bless you all, my friends. I apologize if I have ever hurt your feelings in any way. Without your help, I can never come close. Thank you for your friendships, it's one of the most beautiful things I possess in this life, and I do hope that it will only be stronger in the hereafter. =')

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