Judging a book by its cover

You can't expect your life to be harder than others'. Sure, other people MAY seem happy. They may seem like they're living the 'perfect' life. They may seem like they have no problems in their life at all.
But that's when I say they have the most amazing smile ever to hide all of the pain that they are actually suffering from.

Another example, some people may seem like they're not on the right path. They may seem like they're running their lives or are the most unlikely people to succeed in something. But it's amazing what they can hide in their heart. They may seem like they don't have one or that they don't care, but if only you knew how much they actually do. If only you knew their real intentions and why they don't show it.

Basically what I've been trying to say in the last 2 paragraphs is just a simple and common message that I'm sure you always hear.

Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

It may be a pretty, fancy and colourful cover. But that doesn't mean that the contents are all happy, perfect, fancy and colourful. It could even be the most devastating story ever or one that has to go through the hardest challenges.

Or it can be a dull, lame and dirty cover. That doesn't mean that it's a boring and useless story. But it could actually be the best story you'll ever read.

So don't ever think that you know someone by just seeing their actions, and not their intentions and reasons for doing so.

Just a little message to you,
Sometimes I don't come to you because you don't even care.
I don't like it that you take advantage of me as free ears when there's no one else around.
If you wanna judge every thing that I do, why not just say it straight in my face?
I'm sick and tired of you, I "under-judged" you, which made me trust you a little too much until I'm finally not that blind to realize that you're only taking advantage of others.
I'm very disappointed in you, I thought you were amazing.
Hope you realize your mistake, and focus on things that are most important.

(haha, and you probably don't care about when I just said anyway oh well).

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