Taking advantage.

Yeah, this is gonna be one of those non-inspirational posts where I complain about my life. So you're welcome to do something more useful than read this post =) No wait actually, keep reading. You might learn something from it.

Well, I've just realized how ignorant and unobservant I've been, because it took me a long while to realize that maybe, just MAYBE, some people maybe have been taking advantage of me.
That's just low, man. VERY low and uncool.
It's so lame to use someone in a negative way, so that somehow, you can get what YOU want in an easy way.
Because I'm probably too 'nice', 'forgiving' and 'naive', I always think people want anything to do with me because I'm actually a person worth having to do with in the first place.
But when I really think about it now, maybe its because there's something that I have, that they want.
I'm not talking about things and stuff that I own, but maybe through popularity or attention.
Yeah, that sounds so 'perasan' and stuff, I know. But even I can't deny that I play a huge role as a student at school. Not just me, but a lot of other people as well.

And because of this, it makes it easy for someone to use me for something, even if its one tiny simple thing, to get whatever the heck they want.
Maybe I'm overreacting, but this stuff really do happen.
I don't wanna be a hypocrite and say that I've never done it to anyone, but I'm matured enough now to realize that it's so lame to do that. It shows that you can't do something with your own efforts to get what you want. So to the people who feels that I've taken advantage on them, I'm deeply sorry and hope that you can forgive me.

A message to anyone who has the intention of using me in any way:

Don't. I'm serious. I don't mind if you have pure intentions of just being my friend. But please. Just don't take advantage of me. Don't use me for something that you want, even if it's something small. You don't do that to me, and I won't ever do it to you. If you're done it before, then I forgive you, but that doesn't mean I'll forget what happened. Just don't ever do it again. Not just to me, but to everyone and anyone. Trust me, if you live your life without taking advantage of someone negatively, insyaAllah you'll live peacefully.

Yeah, that's all from me. And don't let others take advantage of you in any way unless that's exactly what you want, for some weird reason.

So yeah peeps, if you actually read this post, I hope you learnt something from it =) To the people yang 'terasa' with this post, maybe you should be, because that means that you've done something wrong =D
Haha, just kidding. ;)

This IS my other side, if you're wondering =)

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