Treat Them Like Dirt They'll Forever Stick To The Bottom Of Your Shoes

One day you'll wake-up and realize how much you miss me and you'll realize all the bad things you've ever done to me.
You'll want to fix everything or take your words back.
You'll want to try and get my forgiveness or try to erase all our memories you shattered when you threw my heart out the window.

One day you'll get out of bed and realize all your t-shirts small like me and the ones that don't are with me.
You'll try and give me back the stuff I ever gave you.
You'll want to burn the letters or ignore the pictures I gave you.
You'll want to try and delete my phone number and try to forget the fact you memorized it already.

One day you'll look in the mirror and not recognize yourself for you have lost all your self-esteem.
You'll want to try and pick yourself up but you fail knowing I was the only glue pulling you together.
You'll want to get out of bed but find yourself struggling to even roll over from the depression that's taking over your body from knowing the sins you have committed.

One day, all I have ever done for you or to you makes sense.
But it'll be too late and all you have is cuts on your wish from all your regrets.
And I have moved on and I never looked back.
Cause putting you in the past was a choice and it was the best I've ever made.

I can now look up to the sky, watch the clouds and breath in clean air.
I feel no more pain and the air around me is clean once again.

And we all know who wins this round, kid.

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