People and their issues!

Okay, for some reason since the start of the year, some kids are being so rude and mean about my school! Sadly to say, some of them are my classmates...

What the heck, man?? SSS is an awesome place! You know why you hate it? Because u r lame and unappreciative and stupid!! There, I said it! U hate it cuz the teachers are being mean and strict? Yeah right! Have u been to a normal school?? Have u seen how strict those teachers are?? It makes our teachers look like the sweetest people on Earth! U know why they're being 'strict'? It's cuz of YOUR attitude right now! Okay, maybe to make YOU and ME disciplined. Otherwise, we'd all be stupid, reckless and God-knows-what right now (there, I said it again).

And some people hate the school and wanna  leave because of the students?? Again, what the heck? What, some ppl are being too 'gedik'? People are so 'kurang ajar' these days? Then just let them be! Just make sure that you don't be like them! By answering back and being the same, it makes u no different than that person, so don't blame the school for the students, that's what they're trying to do, make them a better person, and u r really not helping...

Let's try to look at the positive side...SSS is an AWESOME school! I wouldn't wanna leave (yet)!!! The teachers are amazing, especially the principal. Not many ppl per class, so the teacher won't just focus on the 'smart' students. Less students, more opportunities to represent ur school!! Awesome people like me to hang out with!! (Lol, jks). The teachers are generous, they don't kill you with 20 pages of homework everyday! Awesome camps! Cool activities!! I wish they allowed more P.E., but oh well, I understand that there are more important things we need to do.

So people, let's try and be more appreciative here.

Your parent paid a lots to send u to an awesome school, and if you just tried to make it worth all of their effort to afford it, then trust me, I don't think you would wanna leave either.

So there. Got any problems? Either solve it positively or GET OVER IT.

By me, finally saying what I wanna say. And I'm still not happy. =(

P.S. I think I say the word AWESOME too much...what's another cool word thts similar to it?

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