Afraid to dream?

I read my friend's post today, about wishes and dreams.

And whoa, was I inspired.
She wrote about how dreaming isn't necessarily a waste of time, but it's also a goal in life.
Something you wish to happen.

But that's what I'm scared of. If I dream now, of all the amazing things I wish to happen, I'm afraid of how crushed I'll be if it doesn't come true. That's why I'm afraid to dream.

But then, if I don't have dreams, my life would be spontaneous, unplanned and messy. Everything would come like BAM to me. Really unexpected.
I don't want that.

So my own conclusion, DREAM. Dream up my future, but don't expect every single thing to come true.
Don't put my hopes high.

But guess what? EVERYTHING that you dream CAN come true.
It's all up to you. Up to you to put the effort in to ACHIEVE that dream.
I remember someone once said to me,

"It's great that you believe in fate and things, but God can't give us what we want if we don't put the effort in to achieve it."

And hey, I'm actually really inspired by that statement.
You're right.

Future Ella.

So what am I gonna do?
I'm gonna DREAM. Dream up my future. And WORK to get it..

And God only knows (lol, the song on my blog!), it may even be better than my dreams. Amin.

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