You: I Love You. Me: asdfghjkl...

Ever happened to you?
One day, randomly out of nowhere, someone tells you that they love you. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? To know that someone in the world cares about you until you don't have the words to respond to that. It can be from anyone. Your mum, your sister, your friends, that special someone, a random person on the street, your teddy bear (haha idk). But no matter WHO says it, it still feels great. Like you exist in the world, huh? Especially when they say it in the most unexpected and random moment and catch you off guard.
But maybe some people don't get the chance to experience this. So why not you try and be the one saying it to other people? Like say it to your mum! Or your best friend. Their reaction is priceless, TRUST ME. And you'll feel wonderful about that =)

You're the sun

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