Growing up =]

Wow, time flies so fast.
It seems like yesterday when I was in Australia, going to the Movie World.
It seems like yesterday when I start school-ing.
It seems only yesterday when I took picture in the Movie World with my whole family (Miss that memory. Even my grandmother was there).

And now here I am today, writing this random post.
Everyone's growing up, including me.
I remember when I used to play Barbie dolls with my cousins.
When we used to pretend like we were princesses running away on horses.
When we used to watch Teletubbies and Bear in the Big Blue House together.
It all seems like it happened yesterday.

But it was long ago. Now we hardly talk to each other.
We would do our own things when we met.
We would ignore each other when we are chatting with our friends.
We would argue for the littlest and most unnecessary things.
We would never give up in trying to prove each other wrong.
We would try and be a better family.

All the things we used to do and all the things we do now.
They're all totally different.
Know why?
Coz we're growing up. We're growing up, getting more matured, more egoistic, more stubborn.
But we still love each other, and we always will.
We may not have those 'bonding' moments no more, or watch Teletubbies anymore.
But u r still my cousin, and I love you for that. There are times when you're the most annoying person I've ever met, but there are times when I'm glad you were around.
Thanks. Thanks for being the annoying cousin. Life would be boring if you weren't.
And now you're growing up.
You're going to take UPSR this year. Good luck ^_^
Know that I'll always be there for you.
It's your turn to face the early challenges in life.
Good luck, my annoying-but-still-cool cousin, may Allah guide you. =]

Let's see what I've got to say in 10 years, eh? Hehe.

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