( ) Single ( ) Taken (/) Unable to fall in love with normal people due to too many perfect celebrities/fictional characters

Yep, this is the post where I wanna talk about guys.
Yeah, I've had a few crushes. Been in 1 relationship (I was young and and naive, ok?). Been heartbroken. Smiled whenever my crush's name was mentioned. But guess what? I haven't had that feeling for ages! Its kinda funny, coz I thought I'd experience more of those lovey-dovey feelings as I get older.

( ) Single ( ) Taken (/) Unable to fall in love with normal people due to too many perfect celebrities / fictional characters

Its hard. When you're in love with people who don't even know you exist, it's hard to notice the ones around you =) Even though I know in deep in my heart that I will never even meet the guys that I love, but for some reason, I don't really notice the guys who actually know me and always see me.
Like when I was in IISKD, I used to hang out with guys everyday. We used to play hangman every day, discuss awesome books, make stupid jokes and just be random. They're awesome, and I really miss them. Back in my SSS, I haven't found any guy that I could just be close friends with. That kinda sucks, actually. Every girl kinda needs a best guy friend too =)
But anyway, I'm very attracted to hot Korean boys. XD The best thing is, I can stalk them and they will never know nor care XD. I don't really know why, but it's not only their looks that are attractive, but from what I've read, they have awesome personalities too =)
Well, you guys know my number 1 =). I'll support HIM no matter what. But I'm a SHINee fan forever XD <3

Lee Taemin

 Jo Kwangmin

Jung Yong Hwa

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