Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

Sometimes in life, we tend to focus too much on certain goals and problems and stuff, that we end up forgetting about the little things in life.
We may not realize it, but those little things could be the things that actually made us smile, that made our day, and gave us some hope to continue on with our hard, challenging life.
And what's scary is that we may miss out on those little things, because they don't always come.
So when they do come, I say we should appreciate the special, small moments as much as we can:
Like for example;

Let's say you don't always get along with your parents. Or you don't always have 'bonding' or 'special' time together cause they spend most of their spare time with your other siblings.
But then one day, suddenly you finally get to spend just a few minutes that you don't always get. And that can make your day =)

Or let's say you're always depressed lately or something. But there are still some people in your life that can still give you hope. That can make you smile like an idiot to yourself. And that can just be yourself when you're around them. Maybe even seeing your family & cats healthy and still living. Or just having someone listen to what you say, even if it doesn't matter. Even eating your wonderful mum's or dad's cooking =)

We may not always get big, special things in our life. You don't need something to be big for you to appreciate it.
Look around you, it's filled with more small things that you've probably missed.
Think of how special that thing is, because without those things in our life as well, what else should we have? What if one day, you don't get those small things anymore?

So like they say in the movie Zombieland;
RULE #32 Enjoy The Little Things

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