You've got nothing figured out but the little trivials.

I'm not one for calling things 'made out of gold'. I'm a little unique in that sense because when something is so mesmerising I call them 'made out of diamonds'.
In a sea of striking blue, green or hazel eyes when it comes to men, according to me nothing can beat an honest set of brown eyes. It's the simplicity that makes it so irresistible.
I'm a believer that no architecture will ever compare to the beautiful Eiffel Tower, so elegant and beautiful in it's structure that it is simply tres magnifique.
Hate is a strong word that no one should be affiliated to. I've always referred to not having a very strong like for someone as not knowing them well enough or if they've done something that really hurt me bad, having no respect for them, but hate is not a word that someone can use like a signature pen.

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