Procrastinating XD

Ok, anyone know what procrastinating means? If any of you knows, very good then. If not, look at the definition below..

Do you understand? Yes? No? For those who still doesn't understand, it's basically about postponing the stuff and things that you have to do...and obviously when you're procrastinating, you're being lazy!

Still don't get it? Let's do some mathematical reasoning..
Premise 1: If a person always procrastinates, then he/she is a lazy person.
Premise 2: MashesZ always procrastinates.
Conclusion: MashesZ is a lazy person.

See the connection? When you're procrastinates, you're being lazy and being lazy is not good. Which means procrastinating is not good. Am I twisting things? Am I confusing you? I hope I'm not. What I am going to tell you today is very simple. Which is not to be lazy and procrastinate stuffs. :)

So what happens when you procrastinate? Come on peeps, I know you can guess what will happen. Yeahh? Uhuh? Hmm? YEAHH CORRECT! (haha crazy me talking on my own). You'll have to do a lot of stuffs then. The previous ones which you haven't done + the latest and newest stuffs that's been given to you. Like this picture below:

Imagine if you're in her situation. I bet you'll get more and more lazy and feel burdened with the stuffs that you have to do. I know I will.

Take another example. A closest one to you. When a teacher gave you a task to do, and you keep on procrastinating and you already have a lot to do like 10 essays consists of 350++ words to do, you still keeps on procrastinate and suddenly your teacher wants everything by tomorrow. Wahh! How would you feel by then? With all those unsettled tasks. I don't know about you guys, but for me I'll be crazy enough to settle everything in one night! More worse if your teacher said that those tasks will be counted for your exams. Now how will you finish it all on time?

No idea right? Even I don't have any idea. Thus, we all need to stop procrastinating and starts doing our tasks on time. Besides, if we keep on procrastinating during our school year, and make it a normal routine/thing for us to do, it could effect our working years. Who knows we might get fired cause of the normal routine that we got used to since school years. Obviously you don't want that right? Cause I don't want that to happen. So people, let's start doing things without procrastinating.

Let's follow what Barry (not sure his name-didn't watch The Simpsons for quite a time) wrote on the blackboard! XD I MUST NOT PROCRASTINATE. Keep that in your mind, people. I'm gonna keep it in my mind too.

The reason I'm blogging about procrastinating is cause of I myself are doing the same thing. I've been procrastinating since early of the year and I kinda got many tasks that I haven't done yet. Plus, the first assessment is on 23rd of February which is 2 weeks away from now. I should stop being lazy and so on. Hence, this post is to remind myself and all of you guys to not procrastinating cause it's not good (obviously =.=).

So people...

let's work together

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