School update

How has this week been for you? I hope this week is awesome for you because it wasn't that awesome to me but alhamdulillah for the fact that I'm still alive till today. Okay, as usual, I'm gonna be talking about school and things that I learnt throughout the whole week, so can you please continue reading? I want to share the things I have learnt throughout the whole week :) As you all know, January has been a busy month for me as the Sapura Smart School's Annual Sports Day is on next Thursday (9/2/12). Had all the trainings and stuff, and I would so like to thank all the Green house members for the support till we get #1. Oh! Here's something to share :D my father thought me on how to inhale and exhale while running. You have to inhale and exhale using your nose while jogging or running because it helps you save energy. Never open your mouth, it uses more energy than you think it does :S That is basically I did during the jogging after our stretching and it helped me a lot, thank you. (But I didn't even jog that long, cause I'm lazy!)

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