Born To Be Somebody

I'm beautiful and I know it.

It's been a long time since I applied make up on my face. Like I told you, I don't feel insecure no more.
It destroyed me once but hey, I'm back on track and I'm so beautiful ;)
*kay, I know I'm so full of myself but I'm trying to be an optimistic person here. Cmon, join me people*
I know, I know. I wrote about this loads of times but this time, I want you, yes you, to believe in me. You are definitely beautiful. Let's take it this way. All of Allah's creations are beautiful and are YOU one of Allah's creation? *let me answer this question* yeah you are! So, you are beautiful. *common sense* If you surround yourself with negative people, you will never feel settled in. If you think someone keeps on telling you "she's way prettier than you" , just say "Yeah she is, but you should that we all are the pretties ;)" Cmon, let's be positive for once on your life! Spread some love why don't you? :) Strive to be happy, keep telling other people that they are as beautiful as you :D Have some confidence to say you're beautiful to others *I only say it to my best friend's though because I've known them for such a long time and we all know that we're beautiful* Don't be dry of smiles because smiling is indeed VERY BEAUTIFUL Stop feeling insecure! When you see someone so pretty that you're too mesmerized just tell that person she's beautiful because automatically, you'll feel as beautiful as her ;) Trust me, I did this a lot of times and honestly, this is one of the way to overcome insecurities. Making other's feel good about themselves :D Example: "You're pretty, sis :D" or "I love your scarf, it suits you, you look pretty ;)" or "I like your shoes, keep them walking, bro!" or "I like your T-Shirt, belanja me!" Trust me, you just made their day. One more thing, don't be afraid to take pictures of your funny face. Be fun once in a while! Once you're beautiful, you'll forever stay that way *NOT TO WORRY :D* Don't waste your life feeling insecure. You don't deserve that feeling at all. *I'm not saying this just cause I don't feel it okay* You're just beautiful.

PS: It's not wrong to wear make up. But then you don't have to wear make up to feel beautiful. Be who you wanna be. Do crazy things for once! You can still wear make up, wait for any special occasions la ;)

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