I just did something I never thought I ever have the courage to do. It feels wonderful and I feel so strong and fearless. What does fearless actually means? Well fearless means that you dare to do things some people don't want to do. For example, crying. Some people think it's strong not to cry. But love, it shows how weak you are if you don't cry. Now how can crying make me fearless? Well, crying is not an act of telling people you are weak. Crying is an act of bravery. You're like admitting to yourself it hurts or you were wrong. Admitting you did something wrong is not weak. It shows how you are strong enough to up your ego down. Fearless. How can not crying showing me weak? Well because you're too scared to admit that you've been hurt. Too afraid to show it and too afraid to admit it. What other example? Going up to a boy/girl and telling him/her you like him/her. =D yup. It takes a lot of courage to that too! And if you ever done that baby you are fearless! Yeah it's ok if that person doesn't like you back! At least you've tried. Imagine you didn't try! Maybe you would just be hanging like that! And if you told someone you like him/her and him/her told you he/she likes you back then see! Fearless babyy! So many little things people never realize can actually show how fearless some people are.

Well I feel so strong and fearless and just I'm so proud of myself. I did something I never thought I would do. Just now. 10 minutes back. Not gonna tell the world what I did though! It was a little act but it took me a lot of guts to do so. And yeah now I can tell you people. I am FEARLESS. Are you? By the way, don't go and do anything stupid to prove you're fearless. Like jumping in front of trains like that. That is not fearless. That is stupidity. I hope you guys can understand what I've been typing about. I guess I am done =D I'm gonna end this with a BEEEPPPPPP and a heart shape. Just imagine the heart shape in your head =D

P/S: I didn't even tell him I like him yet actually. I'm talking about fearless based on my dreams last night.

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