The beauty of wearing the hijab.

I find it really beautiful when I see girls covering their aurat the proper way. When I say 'proper', I mean covering their chest properly when they wear their headscarf, making sure their wrists or arms are covered by wearing long sleeve shirts or armsocks, wearing loose clothes that doesn't show their sexy curves (yes, sexy), don't purposely tie up their hair real high to show that they have super long hair, wear socks when they go out and acting like a very humble muslimah.
I have high (very high) respect for girls who do that. First, it shows their confidence. Their confidence to not follow stupid trends that goes against their beliefs, and to not care about what other people think. Simultaneously, it also shows how strong their faith is, to hold on to their principles and to not only care about pleasing Allah SWT. Because Allah wants us to respect ourselves, by covering our aurat.
When Allah wants us to do something, there's always a good reason behind it. In this case, He knows how's beautiful we are. He knows how men can be easily attracted to us physically and mentally. He knows that men are capable of, and He doesn't want us to get hurt from it. Sometimes we know and acknowledge this, but our nafsu tends to get the better of us, therefore causing us to make excuses for ourselves off our beauty t those who don't have any rights to see it.

See, like I said before, I have very high respect for girls who cover their aurat properly. If in this life they may seem like losers or 'naive alim girls' to other people, do you think that they will really matter when the Day of Judgement comes? These girls are more concerned about what Allah thinks of them. While society might judge and discriminate them, in Allah's eyes they're perfectly beautiful. Of course, Allah looks more into their inner beauty. So if their iman is strong, encouraging them to please Allah by covering themselves, then as a whole, they ARE  beautiful.

Maybe not everyone covers their aurat because they don't know the real harm in NOT wearing it properly. It's sad. I'm not very knowledgeable, but I do know that covering ourselves is something compulsory for a Muslim woman. What happens when you don't cover? Well, I recently learnt in Pendidikan Islam, one of the reasons Allah doesn't ACCEPT one's prayer (doa) is if they don't cover their aurat. Now that's just scary. If we wanna have a successful life, a wonderful partner, beautiful kids, healthy family, an awesome future and EVERYTHING else, we would have to ask it all from Allah, right? Because only Allah can give you everything. Yeah, you have to work for it too, but nothing happens without Allah's will. So then, if Allah won't accept our doa if we don't cover our aurat, so..get what I'm trying to say here? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend anybody. I've got no right whatsoever to judge anyone. It's all between Allah and His slave. But I also don't wanna just stand around, cover myself and watch my sisters (in Islam) get a step closer to Hell. No. I wanna go to Heaven together with my sisters. And since I'm a coward to go up to a girl and suddenly say "HEYY, pakai lah tudung, lagi lawa!", this is my way of preaching to others to encourage them to get closer to our Creator. InsyaAllah, I hope that Allah will strengthen my faith so that I WILL have the courage to preach in a more effective way =)

The more that we cover, the more beautiful we are.
Not just in the eyes of humans, but especially in the eyes of Allah SWT.

But if you really care so much about people's opinion, then okay. Maybe it won't make much of a difference, but I'm a human, and here's my opinion of you properly covering yourself;

I think you're beautiful. Even more beautiful than those girls who don't cover their aurat. Because the beauty of you wearing your hijab, is that you cover your beauty. That's absolutely beautiful. Know that it does nothing BUT benefit you in every way, even if you don't realize it. I think you're beautiful, and I know that I'm not the only one. Wise people think you're stunning. And one day, you're gonna be glad that you chose this path, because He is always fair. You're gonna get what you deserve soon, if not here on Earth, the soon in Heaven, insyaAllah. May Allah bless you, and continue to guide you in the right path, sister.

So yeah, let's cover ourselves up properly, my dear sisters.

Peace be upon you.

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