No, don't leave me

Some people who once I care the most, love the most, completely turns into a stranger to me. It sucks a lot. Back then, the used to be mean the world to me. I still remember the time we bursted into tears because we laughed way too hard. We sang our favourite song on top of our lungs together like there's no one would hear us, it still stuck in my head. Remember the moment we danced in the rain? Because I do. All those silly photos that we took together. Yup, I once shared my happiness but now, they're just gone. I can't do anything and that's what hurt me the most.

I blamed them because they left me. They let me went through all the hard and thick time by my own and I blamed them again. I said that they weren't suppose to leave me, they should stick and stay by my side just like what they'd promised. But then I realised that I was wrong. I was "that" young. I thought all of my dreams will come true. I thought all of my plan will succeed. As I grew up older, I learnt that promise are meant to be broken and people will walk away from your life.

Well I guess I have to deal with it.

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