Life can be complicated, hard, and confusing. But it is ultimately very beautiful. Life changes, and as it changes, we change with it. We may complain about how "life sucks", or praise how amazing life is to bless us with what we have at the moment, but in the end, no matter how we feel towards it, we are living in it. We live in it now despite thinking about the future, the past, or the present. And how could us say everything in our life are going wrong instead that Allah plans everything right?

We face what is thrown at us. The stress from work and school. The loss of friends and family members. The broken trusts and relationships between people you were once close with. Our past failures and mistakes. We reflect on those times. But we move forward. We get past the stress, we gain new friends, we build stronger relationships with family members and people we wouldn't have expected to get close with. We learn from our mistakes and failures and grow.

We find more reasons to get up in the morning, more reasons to smile and laugh so hard that we cry. We keep moving; we keep living. We create new experiences. We may wish we hadn't done some things, but later we feel glad we did as we learn from our past actions. We find love, we lose love, but only to discover we've been loved the entire time. We often love life, then hate it, then love it again. But no matter what it is, we're living in it, living in life. And with all these inevitable changes leading to different experiences, different emotions, different settings, different people, etc..I don't know, I just find it all very beautiful.

I always been thinking for this lately. I don't know how to express my feeling right now, I don't know how to start. Sometimes, I feel it wrong for me sharing something bad of people in my blog. I mean, even though I don't use names, but everyone who's close to me can understand the clues in every single word I wrote. And maybe, that person who read my blog will 'terasa' with my post because they'll know that I am talking about them. And people around me will have a bad thought to others that maybe the one that I try to say of but actually they aren't. How mean isn't it? I don't know how many times I've hurt people but sorry can't fix their broken heart.

I'm tired to feel like this anymore. I am done now.

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