Hi peeps. I learnt something today, I learnt that LAST MINUTE STUDYING NEVER WORKS. You know how people or students think that studying last minute is effective? Well it doesn't. In fact, it's even a waste for you to study last minute rather than already prepared. Now the question is "Why it is a waste?" Well, you know how last minute students study? They end up only memorizing everything without understanding it. This is why people easily forget what they have learnt before. It's a fact. Even I did the same thing before and I end up forgetting them. So what's the point of studying like crazy if it'll end up being forgotten?

Besides that, when you do last minute studying, especially for big exams like UPSR, PMR, SPM or so on, you'll get really stressed out knowing that there are many stuffs that you don't know and then you'll get panicked which is not good if the exam is like in 2 weeks or in 1 month and you have like more than 10 chapters per subject to cover up. Whoa! Imagine if you have 8 subjects for the exam, how many chapters are there to cover up? Do the calculation please cause there's a possibility that you might end up like the pictures down here.

From this,

Becomes like this:

Or maybe this one:

Try to avoid from being like the girl and the 2 kids in the picture, please. And I'm sure that when you study last minute, you might or will feel exhausted, tired, fatigue and anything else that has the same meaning of those words. Been there, done that. This is not good for you. Not good for your body/health and not good for studying. Some people tend to skip their main meals, and they also doesn't get enough sleep. It effect your body, if your body is too tired, everything you do might end up being like the people in the pics below.

So avoid yourself from doing last minute studying or it might end up being one of your habit. I hope you guys learn something from this post. I'm actually posting this post for myself too ^_^ to remind me that this is not a good thing and to be more prepared so that I won't be facing the 'nasi sudah menjadi bubur' situation. Hopefully it's useful for you guys :) Ohh and remember too: STUDY SMART not STUDY HARD.

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