Limits in everything.

If it is one thing about blogging that I dislike, it's the limits. I know blogging is to express your thoughts, and to let things out and what not. But it's also exposing your thoughts. So, when I'm really angry, annoyed, jealous, sad, and whatever the mood is, I always have to limit myself. Usually I'd say why would you limit yourself, people can think what they want and yada yada. But no, it's not that. People won't leave you alone once they figure out something is up with you. Afterwards you get people asking "Why?" over and over again. And well you've pretty much trapped yourself and can't say "Oh that was nothing" because it was obviously something if you blogged about it. Haa, you know the only reason why I'm blogging about limits is because I would love to rant about things right now. But who's there to rant to? No one. And no, I don't want replies saying "I'm always going to be here, and I'll listen". Because I know what I want to rant about is probably pointless, but at the same time, Ya Allah how can a feeling like this hit me extremely hard. Umm, it sure does bug the shit outta me. Now this is becoming a rant. What am I doing with my life. I currently dislike something or maybe someone right now. Just kidding. But yea... I can post it as private, but whatever I'm done now.

Little note :-
How fast friendships could fade. I didn't know how much I've hurt people, or how much pain I've caused. Sure I knew it was hard for them to cope, but never did I have a clue how really hard it was. I never knew that I can put someone in a hard position. Sometimes I think I can read people a little too well, but now I'm speechless, and all I can say is that I'm sorry (even though I know sorry can't fix your heart).

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