WHOA, it's February already?
A month went by so fast. January went by faster than the other month I've ever lived through. I guess it's mostly because of how busy I am at school these days. Being in 7th grade is pretty awesome. I feel important, heheh. Okay, so let's see what I'll be looking forward to this month. A traditional event in Sapura Smart School, SPORTS DAY!! It's so exciting this year, seeing as I'm in Green house!! To be honest, I was really shocked and a little disappointed when I first found out I'm still in green house since the 1st grade. But later on, as time went by, I started to be proud to be a Green. First, because Green is the colour of trees and grass. Second, because the teachers and students in Green house are so supportive and spirited. I've been quite active in sports recently, which gave my body a sudden shock and I seem to need lots and lots of sleep these days. Haha, I'm sorry for writing in one long paragraph, I can't be bother to press the ENTER button, lol. All in all, I'm hoping for an amazing, active February and I know I WILL get an amazing, active February,

And one more thing, I wish Green house will win this year cause in Sapura Smart School's history, Green house never win 1st place. This year is the new record for Sapura Smart School cause Green house is leading (y). Awesome right?? Yes it is!
P/S: The boy I like, he's in green house to. In the march pass, he sits in front of me, so I can look at him a lot of time without him noticing me! It makes me happy :)

May Allah bless you all, Peace be upon you.

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