Assalamualaikum/Annyeong/Konichiwa/Bonjour/Hello. So, how's your day? AWESOME? Good. Eh eh, how about your homework guys? Dah siap? One day to go and it is school >< . Give meh five reason if you have not done your homework.

What's with the title? Oh, today I want to share my characteristic to you guys. Yeah, cheerful is the one of it. Actually, I'm a talkative, loud, noisy, hyper, cheerful, annoying and so on. Yeah I love to talk. 100% love to talk. But, in my house I'm not so loud cause when I am loud, my parents will scold me. Yeah, they just don't know the real me actually :'> . Nah, I'm ok.

I love to shout, scream and whatsoever. So please understand guys. I am so grateful if you guys understands me. Thank you :) Sorry if I am too noisy for you guys when I'm with you. I just can't stop talking. But nowadays, I'm not talkative because of my maturity, I think. I want to be talkative, but because of my mood, I can't. Yeah, do hate me :> Who cares? It is my attitude, not yours! >< Although my parents don't know I'm loud and so on, but I don't mind, I will take care of their hearts. I'll try to be quiet in the house but sometimes I'm will be loud cause my cousins are there, so, sorry parents.

When I'm alone, I will talk to myself <--- "It's a fact!". Oh, and, please don't think I'm crazy. At home, I always talk alone. Yela, x ade adik-beradik utk share something :( If aku ckp lebih2 kang tak nak dengar la ckp aku membebel la nie la tu la. Aku terime je ape korang cakap, sbb itu mmg my behavior, kan? Nak suruh aku berubah? Please! I WILL NOT change my attitude just to make you happy! If I change, I'm not happy. You have your own life, right? It's unfair if you're happy, but I'm not happy! Please, accept me just the way I am.

Although I am loud, talkative and so on, I am still kind. *perasan* hewhew. I hope my friends know the real me. Ok that's all I want to say. I know it's boring, right?

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