Happy Birthday, Omma.

Today is 23rd of February and guess what?! It's my omma's birthday. Ceicukahambida :)

Ma, I'm sorry for everything. Thank you for all the advice. You are the best, You are the music in me. Thank you for being there for me and thanks a lot for giving birth to me. Without you and your love, I'm nothing,.

My omma,
You are my 'super mum' in the whole world and I'm your 'tiny hero' who always break the rules. 
But never across the 'wild' borders.
You always protect me with your 'magic touch' and 'mighty hands'.
You never let me down even if I'm so close to be 'terminated' from the universe.
Saadah binti Ali, my dearest omma I love you today, tomorrow and till the end.
Happy birthday, Omma :) 

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