We should always forgive. Me might not forget but forgiving is the key to happiness as well. Other than the truth than telling the truth or just giving in, I know I've done so many things in the past for people to not even want to forgive me but we're all humans here. I was hurt by some of my friends. I'm willing to forgive them for everything they had done to me.

Forgiving doesn't mean things have to go back to normal. It just means that you forgive that person and just let go. As long as you're talking in terms than everything is fine. I've forgiven my friends for what they've done to me but that doesn't mean I'm not hurt on the other side. It doesn't mean I'm still sad or angry. It just mean I've made other person's day. I just wish that everyone thinks that I'm a bad person. I'm not mean. I know I've made mistakes, but like I said, forgiveness brings happiness. Happiness leads to peace.

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