"A friend is someone who is there in your time of need, someone who has their own little ways to put a little magic in your life, someone who makes you smile even on your gloomiest days, someone you turn to for laughter or wiping away tears. A bestfriend is a friend who never fails to seize the day and make it that slightest bit close to perfection. They are the people who possesses the quality of a friend with a little something extra, they are the ones I treasure."

Platter bracelets, half-hearted necklaces worn around the neck with the words "bestfriends" engraved into halves, a writing or two on each other's arms saying 'biffle'. Recognise it? Of course you have- it's the cliche world of friendships but in all honesty just because you've ticked all the boxes of what I mentioned, a real bestfriendship is not determined based on threads, silver chains or even ink; it's the meaning behind it that tells a story. I'm blessed to have it all. The ink, the engraved writing but also the real meaning of what's written. Simple enough, to me the saying it's not quantity. it's quality applies, I have three bestfriends whose gone through thick and thin with me. You can have a thousand facebook friends but at the end of the day do you know them all? I know everyone on my FB and I have hundreds of friends on it but when it comes to bestfriends, I don't need a million I just need one (or in my case three) being who they are already. In all honesty it's not like the beginning of a fairytale, it was never "since the moment I saw them I knew some day down the track I'll be bestfriends with them", I thought maybe good friends but that's possibly it? Now they're the people whose hugs in the mornings I want most, the people who's smiles brighten up my day, the people whose little quirks I can see even with my eyelids shut tightly, the people who has to listen to every one of my stories, my "it's going to be okay" when all the tears are gone and my cries are tearless and the people I run to when something hilarious or amazing happens. Their names are Aisyah, Ellysha & Aineen, or otherwise better known as The SyaNeen Group. And I'll let you in on a little secret: I love them. The reason why is that they are the most amazing ship I've ever been on, the ship of our bestfriendship.

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