I'm so sorry, I'm so confused.

Hi guys!!! I haven't tweet for so long. Haha, actually I tweet something just now XD Well, I have no time actually. Busy with curriculum and house practice and a lot of things :( Sapura Smart School is okay so far :) I actually have something to tell you but ergh I have too short memories!! Okay, next paragraph!

I got a lot of homework(s). I am totally not closing my eyes and enjoying the roller coaster that is life :( My Sejarah & ICT teacher, Mr. Param,  is "stress" teaching us. My BI teacher, Ms. Joanne, is fun. My Maths teacher, Mr. Yoga, is nice. My Science teacher, Puan Azreen, is strict and never smile or laugh while teacher us, always emo. My Agama teacher, Ustazah Farrhana, is nice. My BM teacher, Mr. Pau, is so fun to hang out with! MY KEMAHIRAN HIDUP TEACHER, PUAN HAMISAH, & MY GEO TEACHER, MR. ROZAINI,  ARE OH GOD SO STRICT. and the others are nice :)

There are a few new students in the school (every year ade, duhh =.=) and they are so friendly :) Ahaks. I made friends with some of them, especially the girls. Some of them are talented! Like talented in drawings and more. I'm so jealous of them. 

Owh yeah. There's this one Korean girl, name Jiyeon :) SHE'S KOREAN, OMG!! I can learn Korean from her so easily and free of charge :) We speak Korean a little bit at school when recess time. She's so cute and pretty. And when she make her weird expressions, she look so cute. Want to see her? I'll take a picture of her one day and I'll post it in here, okay? I'm sure you like her one :)

My crush, (you won't know him, only my best friends), are being so sombong these days. Dulu, he rajin tweet with me, but now :( . I think he's stress with all his fights with his friends yang mencari masalah besar. Haish =.= Poor him. Btw, me and him are in the same club. CULTURAL CLUB! What are we going to do in Cultural Club? Dancing :D I love dancing :) I mean traditional dance la, of course. Not that gedik dancing like Waka-Waka, I've dance that once :) I have a lot of friends. Yeah, I love all of them :) Kekekeke. Even the boys, but I love the boys as a bro to me la, of course. Don't get me wrong.

Btw, we just had our Sports' Day and the Yellow house won. The Green house is second #FOREVERGREEN! The Blue hose is third and the last are red house. Kesian red house. Haha. Tidak mengapa cause next year still ade what :)

That's all. The story of my life at Sapura Smart School. Totally enjoying the roller coaster that is life while closing my eyes. That's all for today, I think. 

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