A smile :)

The meaning of a smile is when a one featured is pleased, kind or an amused expression. Smiling with or without a reason doesn't matter, as long as you smile to show other people that you know that you'll make the right decisions with confidence. A smile can bring lots of memories, great memories of family, friends and sometimes even enemies. A smile can bring less worrying to someone that means a lot to you, don't let them worry about you. Smiling will help you heal from those ugly wounds that you've been through, a smile can bring such happiness to someone, anyone. A smile would make your family and friends happy, maybe a stranger too, well no one knows. Life is full of adventures to be sad and remembering what you've been through. If you want to say if it is a "fake smile" then keep it to yourself and don't let people worry about you. Don't tell them because it will make you look pathetic and people will think that you can never move on if you keep saying "fake smile" what-so-ever. Don't waste your "fake smile" then, smile from the bottom of your heart, with or without reason, doesn't matter but what I know it'll show the people who put you through the bad times, that no matter what they do you'll keep smiling and they will suck on it when they see you smile. Don't think about the past, think about the future.

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