Is it a sin to miss a person so friggin much?

Yeah, I kinda miss you. HAHAHAHA, just guess whether it's a girl or a boy cause it can be anyone of those. You know this lifeless bitch you ignore, yeah. SHE MISSES YOU, LIKE BELLA ALMOST DIE MISSING EDWARD. #okay, that's make it obvious it's a boy --' It's kinda hurting you know that you're in my important people list and I'm living with that while you live your life like I never even exist. It is so pathetic. Maybe its my fault to accused you are not one of my importants but that's just the worst mistake I have ever done. *sigh* I miss you okay dushbag. I freaking miss you. Okay, I'm speechless. I'm always speechless --' Asal la dalam banyak banyak orang dalam hidup aku, kau yang paling aku susah nak lupakan? :/ Kau buat aku macam separuh mati kau tau. Maybe you'll laugh at this but you know ... its not a isn to write things what I feel about you right? You've changed like a lot you know. The old you, damn. I miss it like damn friggin much. Its like you're turning into something that I'll hate but sadly, I won't hate an odd person that gives out odd aura that makes me won't forget you. Strange huh?! I know. Eh you, yeah you. I miss you. Your old you okay. Looks like it's you and me huh, Bubble? ;) Lol, merepek.

"Ya Allah, maafkanlah hamba-Mu yang hina ini sebab merindui seseorang melebihi aku merindui KAU. Tetapi fitrah dan perasaan yang KAU pinjamkan ini memang untuk dirasaikan? Maafkanlah aku kerana merindui dia. Sesungguhnya aku berdosa sangat. Tapi, jika bagus, kau teruskanlah perasaan ini. Amin."


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