Piece of mind :)

Dunia dah maju, zaman dah berubah.

Is it? Or something like that. Whatever la. But I sadly admit its true. And what I'm gonna write about it the fact when teenagers come in :)

Is it pathetic sometimes when teenagers follow other teenagers? And for what? A name. Pride? Glory? More like sorrow and sorries. Everyone is trying to get a name instead of being proud of their own. Market sini la, bajet sana la. Come on, seriously. Who are you fooling?

Some girls see the types of poses I do, and imitate EXACTLY what I tend to do. Some are caught in the moment. Others, I get them later. Its funny. You can even zoom and see the resemblance -.-" what is so special being like everyone else? Putting up pictures of half naked body and writing cencored. WTF?! Why don't just post on the cover of playboy? More money, more fame.

Some boys get as many girl as they want and show off to their friends -.-" wtf? ahah. Girls aren't something you freaking compare to one another. We're motherfucking human beings -.- not trophies. Btw, I'm sorry I'm not yours. Some guys take pictures of girl's boobs and butts and put it on their MySpace. Are you crazy? I dare you to put your mum's boobs and butts. Will you do it? IDTS! hahaha

So, for those who terasa lebih, I'm sorry. I don't mean no harm. I get where you're coming from. But it's time to fucking BACK-OFF! Good? Understand? Great. Imma out here! BYE!

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