Sit Sat Saturday

Look at that, its a Saturday and I'm stuck here doing nothing. There's nothing nice on the television so why bother watching. My friends are on their vacation and no one's online, god. This is insane. I'm currently reading a book, its called 'All-American Girl'. So far its nice. It started off with her sister make her in trouble which is sort of cool. I'm that bored so I decided to read a book. Which lessen my boredom. Great, my headphone isn't working. I tried listening to something on YouTube but I can feel the whole room vibrating which crept me out, so I decided to stop listening to music. Why isn't anyone online, gahhh. Usually, there's at least someone to talk to. What to do what to do. Hmm, I don't want to eat since I've eaten and I've eaten quite a lot for now. My tummy's bloated now *plays with tummy*. Weeeee. I would love to be going out shopping or maybe just walk around. But no one's free I suppose. Its a Saturday. Gahhh, well I suppose I'll keep on bragging and talking.

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