I lost, you win.

Its hard when it comes to emotions. I mean like, how do you know when you like someone? How happy you are when your mum gonna get you an iPhone? How angry you felt when your bestfriend just backstabbed you? How silly you look like when you just fell in the school cafeteria? How frustrated you weighted after you've become the President of the Theatre Club? How scared you were when you know the teacher's gonna scold you cause you didn't finish the homework? How can you manage all that? Does this always happen? Emotions just come then you experienced it right away. And now, I think I like someone. That is my first since 1999. NOT. I never liked someone like this before, I swear, I just liked you know like someone not like-Ike someone for real. Its hard to juggled with this new emotion. It felt sweet but bitter at the same time. How do you explain it? For me, its not normal because it is my first. Yes, I like him and no I'm not in love. Emotion emotion emotion ~ I'm getting dramatical :p

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